How hard is it to be a Self-Publisher? It’s really hard when you’re trying to publish any type of book if you doesn’t have a fan base to support you. When you start out as an author you are an unknown person and you have to do what it takes to earn readers.

Here are the main steps that I am taking:

  1. I made a facebook group where it’s mainly focused on Self-Publishers. It’s a regular group where we have fun. I ask them questions about fashion, TV shows, Trivia. I ask about them being authors and I also have promotion. Come 2017, we’ll be having Q&A. Here’s the Link: Self-Publishers Ambitions
  2. I’m continuing to find businesses that’ll be able to make me a book cover. Readers love maginficent covers that’ll attract their attention.
  3. I’m writing Fanfiction to give readers a picture at what type of imagination that I have. They’ll be able to read my stories and paint me.
  4. I’ve created a blog that’ll attract new bloggers and allow them to follow my every move that I make in being a Published Author.
  5. I’m going over my first book that I have Published and fixing any grammar mistake that I may have made.
  6. I’m communicating with Readers every single day and hope to build the support.
  7. I’ve created a promotional group to allow readers to promote their work.

These are the steps that I have taken and even though it’s been a slow process. I’ll take whatever support that may come my way. Support is the main step in being an Author.

Comment below in the Comments section in the steps that you’re taking in being A Self-Publisher