One of my Favorite Authors who I fell in love with is Jade Jones. She’s on my lists of authors who I recommend to other readers. She has a writing style that no other writer can compare to.

Cameron is a seven book series that is sure to keep you addicted to her pen game.

Cameron is a young, sexy hustler who’s always used her book and street smarts to survive. A full-time student at Cleveland State University, she’s destined to take the path leading to success–even if means twirling around a pole every night just to make ends meet.
Although, dancing wasn’t Cameron’s ideal career, she’s more than willing to deal with the drama and chaos that comes with the territory. However, what she isn’t prepared for is dealing with the sticky situations her loud mouthed best friend constantly puts her in. Not only that, but Cameron somehow has to find a way to juggle work, school, and her overly controlling boyfriend, Silk. If dealing with a sheisty friend and overzealous boyfriend aren’t enough, things really heat up when Jude Patterson comes into the picture.
Filled with love, drama, and betrayal, “Cameron” will surely take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. In the end, you’ll be left to wonder who you can and cannot trust.

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