Chapter 1

I’m leaning on my bedroom window thinking about my life and how it has changed since we moved to this new town. I grin slightly thinking of my mother and older sister. I’m only 16 and I feel like my life has already ended since moving here. My life and my sister’s life was changed when our mom got a new job and moved us nine hours from our home.

My mom’s a certified nurse and has been for at least twenty years. She moved us here when her friend notified her about the opening at a new clinic that was in need of nurses and doctors. We packed up all of our things, furniture, pictures and even the carpet to move to a three bedroom house with only two bathroom. It’s been hectic since moving here from trying to find new friends. My sister has had it hard from having moved here. She was a popular girl who had many friends.

She even had a boyfriend but they broke up because they couldn’t take the long distance relationship. She found someone else but it was never the same. I had a few friends but I mostly stayed to myself. I can count how many friends I had on one hand. I didn’t have a big social group of friends like my sister. My friends was my friends and it was a little rough leaving them but I was able to get over it. We still send each other emails and pictures documenting our lives. I miss them a whole lot.

I turn to face the clock that’s on my night stand. I get up from leaning on the window to walk towards my computer desk. I look at the time on my cellphone. It’s about nine o’ clock at night, I was getting ready to call it a night. I was wearing my favorite blue and orange striped pajamas pants, a light blue tank top, with a small orange heart in the middle.

The wind outside was blowing strong making my room even colder than what it was. I shivered rubbing my arms trying to generate a little bit of heat while searching around my bedroom for the small portable heater. Since moving to this town, the nights was the worse and being near the mountains didn’t help.

I clear space off my computer desk to make room for my small heater. I notice an old picture of me, my friends Haley, Carter, and Beth from my old high school that was taken doing Art Club. I met the girls in art class while I met Carter in science class. We was good friends till our friendship fell apart when Haley started falling for Carter while he in turn liked me. Haley and Beth are best friends and grew up together. I met them when they sat next to me in Art class. I met blue eyed Carter in Science class when he asked to borrow my textbook one day.

Why we called him blue eyed Carter? Because he has the most beautiful light blue eyes. He liked me a whole lot and I didn’t feel that way for him. Even before I could tell him about my feelings, I moved away. A boy that pretty shouldn’t be dating a girl like me. I’m a fat black girl with a gut. I basically don’t care about anything that goes on in my life. I just wasn’t into him like he was with me. I guess you can say I was saved when my mother announced that we was moving.

I frown putting the picture face down on the desk not wanting to bring up sad memories. I still miss them each and every day. “Where is the heater?” I ask out loud searching around my room and opening up the closet to see it’s not in there. I scratch my head confused because I usually put it in my closet, on the floor in front of my only pair of black heels hoping they’ll catch fire. I walk out of my room to check the closet in the hallway.

I’m walking towards the closet when I almost run directly into Janelle, my older sister on her cellphone coming out of her room. Janelle, a senior in high school who hope to study fashion in college. She’s known as the smart sister in our family who always followed the latest fashion.  She was the girl in the family and I was the tomboy.

Her eyes was puffy like she been crying for hours and her face looked worn out. She didn’t look like her usual happy self and she looked just plain ugly. I just kept walking because nine out of ten it was about her boyfriend, Liam and they was having another fight.  She never gave me a chance to ask what was going on before she ran into the bathroom across the hall. Click. She locked it.

I just walk towards the closet opening the door up to see the heater is not in there. “Mom.” I call out just in time to see her walking out of Janelle’s room. She has bags under her eyes making her look twice her age. “What is it, Mia? Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” She asks closing the door. “Yeah. Are you okay, Mom? You look kind of sick. Is everything okay?” I asked knowing she’s tired of Janelle’s drama. I’m tired of it.

“Go to bed.” She said walking past me and towards the bathroom that Janelle ran into. “She locked the door.” I say searching deeper into the closet, hearing Mom knocking on the door. “Janelle, open the door.” She pleads knocking and jiggling the door knob. I just shake my head moving the bath towels around trying to locate the small heater. “I don’t see the heater.” I say closing the door.

“It’s in the living room.” She say finally looking towards my direction and I jog downstairs to the living room to leave as Mom continue her knocking. I flop on the couch not before seeing a flashing cop car driving past our house and down the street. I get back up to look out of the window to try to see which house they drove to. “I can’t see. It’s too dark and the trees are blocking the way.” I mutter trying to look past the big trees. I don’t want to step outside because it’s too cold and its night time.

After about ten minutes of trying to figure out what’s going on, I just grab the heater off the coffee table and head back upstairs hearing crying and muttered talking coming from Mom’s room. I see Janelle relocated her drama to another room. My cell phone beeps alerting me of a text message. I jog to my room for my cell phone. I close the door behind me. “Where’s my phone?” I ask as I sit the heater on my desk, plugging it into the socket behind my desk. I turn the knob to turn it on while grabbing my cell phone from out of my book bag.

It’s a text from Thomas, one of my high school friends. He been my friend since the first day of school and we met in Math class. He lives further down the street. He might know what’s going on if the police passed my house than they most definitely passed his house.

Thomas: The police just passed my house and stopped at Cynthia’s house.

Me: Do you know why?

Thomas: Nope but I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything else.

Me: Thanks, Thomas.

He sends me a smiley face and a good night. I send him one back too and close my phone down setting it on my nightstand. My phone beeps again and I just cut it off, drifting into darkness.

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