Chapter 2

                It’s raining on this Friday morning, Janelle already left for school with her friends. They all carpool together while I walk to school. It’s in walking distance and it’s only a fifteen to twenty minute walk to the school. I wait in the living room for Eric and his friends to walk past my house, so we can walk to school together. It’s been our routine since I saw him walking pass my house one morning without his friends and I caught up with him and suggested that we walk together.

He didn’t say no nor anything else. I guess because his friends wasn’t walking with him that day or he was just nervous and shy about having a girl walk with him to school. So I try to make it my habit to at least catch him every day, so we can walk together to school.

Who is Eric? He’s a brown eyed, average glasses wearing teenage boy with a knack for being a geek.  I met him in computer club. I was new to the club and didn’t know how to log onto the computer. He gave me a password and walked off. I don’t remember how we struck up a friendship. It just came naturally.

I look out the window for the eighth time, this time getting lucky to see him waiting in front of my mailbox for me. “Mom, that’s Eric.” I yell putting on my heavy coat to fight off this rain. “Coming home after school?” She yells from the kitchen.

“Computer club on Fridays, Mom.” I yell grabbing my book bag and opening up the front door. I wave at Eric who’s wearing new glasses. “Where are your old glasses?” I ask closing the door and locking it. “They broke playing wrestling with the guys.” He explain while I’m walking towards him.

“Hm.” I say zipping up my jacket to my chin and we head off walking down the street. “Did you get the text?” He asks. “I got one from Thomas but not yours. I haven’t checked my phone since then. Who got arrested?” I ask waving at the neighbors who’s going off to work. “I don’t know they drove past my house and turned the corner.” He explain looking away. “You can never look me in the eyes.” I say looking while his attention is somewhere else.

“I get I’m a girl but treat me as one of the guys too. Don’t let my big boobs fool you.” I joke looking down at my chest patting on them. He just let out a nervous chuckle. I chuckle too.

For the rest of the walk to school it was silent, it’s always silent when me and Eric is walking together. After battling the wind, it had the nerve to start raining hard as soon as we got into the school parking lot. We had to rush into school with the rest of the students.

The floor was so slippery in the hallways, I would’ve fell on my face if it wasn’t for another who was walking behind me. He grabbed me by my waist to catch me causing everybody to stare at us. Can’t a boy a save a girl without this much attention on them. “Thank you.” I say pulling down my shirt as he grabs my books from off the floor.

“No problem. You gotta be careful.” He say handing me my books and walking into the classroom, sitting at his table next to Nate, who’s staring at him. I notice students still staring at me as I’m walking towards my seat. I sit down at my desk and Nate turns around in his seat to face me.

“Are you okay?” He asks concerned. “I almost fell on my face and nearly had a heart attack. I’m okay.” I say holding my chest trying to calm my heart that’s beating fast. He turns back around than pat on Matt’s back. “Nice save.” He compliment. I look Mr. Wilkins, my science teacher who’s in his early thirties cleaning the mess up with paper towels.

“Watch your step.” He warns to the rest of the students who’s walking in. “It’s dangerous out there, Mr. Wilkins” Carly, the girl who sits in front of me, say walking past him and sitting in front of me. “Are you okay?” She asks facing me. “I’m okay.” I say nodding and she turns back around not before looking in the direction of boy who saved me. I breathe out opening up my book bag ready to begin class.