Chapter 1: Gray Hair Delinquent!

Twilight Characters owned by Stephenie Meyer.

They just had to assign me to this small town Forks, all because I stood up to the council. Thank God they can’t kill me what they going to do stop my heart its already stopped.

Here I am waiting outside the classroom like a good little girl, the home room teacher better watch who he looking at freaking perv. I see the way he looks at me.

“Attention Class, we have a new student today why don’t you come in and introduce yourself.” I hear the teacher say. I walk in the classroom and everybody looks at me. A new girl move to Forks and they look at you like you’re an alien. So what I have short grey hair and I wear black gloves, it ain’t like I committed a crime.

“Are you going to introduce yourself or just look around?” Well, well, well seems like I’ve found the so-called princess of the school. “Sorry, just trying to familiarize myself with the faces of my classmates” I say while smirking. “The names Lacie. Lacie Thorne. I’m from up-state.” I say while pointing up. “That’s it. Any Questions?”

“ I have one” Should have known it would be her. “What’s with the gray hair and gloves, are you so kind of delinquent? I mean this isn’t Grease so why are you dressed like you’re part of the movie.” The whole class laughs except one girl. Found her. Brown hair, small frame. Yep that’s my charge.

“Well to answer your question princess, my hair’s grey because I’m special and the reason I wear gloves is so I can beat people like you up for talking about my hair” I say while cracking my knuckles and smirking. What I love to smirk. That got her scared. “Question time over. Where I am I sitting at Teach?”

“You can sit next to Bella” He said pointing to her. She raises her hand. I sit down next to her, hold my hand out and say “Lacie Thorne” and she shakes my hand and say “Bella Swan” “I have a feeling we’re going to get along quite well Bella heck I might even change your life”