Chapter 2: Classified Bully

Why, Why, Why do my charge have to be in a class, with students that are more about social life than school work. I mean come on, how does half the class don’t have school supplies with them? Crap and I’m a part of the class that don’t have any.

You would think the council would supply with supplies before they sent me here. Cheap Bastards. I’ll have to borrow some from Bella.

“Hey Bella, you think I can borrow some paper and a pen” “Sorry I only have paper” Only have paper. This is a history class right, or is it a Gym class. How do you start the day off with only paper. This is her second class, what her pen get lost between switching classes?

“I’ll get us a couple of pens” Who in here look they have lots of pens? Oh a geek. “Hey kid.” I say while walking up to him. “I’m not a kid” Seems like this kid just got himself a bully. “Look kid give me a couple of pens and I won’t beat you down during lunch.” Yeah he pulled the pens out fast. Oh Yeah I still got it or is the way I look that got him scared. “Thanks kid.” I say while walking away.

“Here you go Bella” I say while handing her a pen. “Thank you, you didn’t threaten anyone for this did you?” My God. Is that how they look at me like a bully already, and it haven’t even been an hour yet. “Nope, just asked nicely. I say while sitting down.

What do you know these kids don’t know jack? I am in High School right, unless they are now just skipping people left and right to get them out of school. How do you answer a question? With a question? All hell I’m doing it myself. Thank God. Saved by the bell.

“Remember students your papers are due in two weeks.” Papers what papers. What the hell is he talking about? “Teach what the hell are you talking about?” I say as I walk to his desk. He looks at me like I’m crazy. “Ah I see you really are a delinquent, with the words you are using.” He must not have seen me threaten that geek earlier. I see he’s going to get a visit out of me later.

“Mr. Howard” You better Thank Bella tonight Howard, she just saved you from a visit to the hospital. “Yes Bella” “She can be my partner” Wait Partner. “For the paper, if that’s okay with you? I can explain to her what the paper is about at lunch?”

Wow. Not only did she invite me to sit next to her at lunch, without asking me. She just cost me a chance to take someone else paper to be turned in. “That’s nice of you Bella, Lacie can learn a few things from you” He said while smirking. Perv and a Bastard.

Shame. I just got here and already we’re going to have a new history teacher. “Its no problem Mr. Howard, come on Lacie I can show you to the Lunch Room”

“Thanks Bella, See you Later Mr. Howard.” I said while walking out the Classroom. At your house that is. “He does that, talk to us that way like he’s better than us” Bella says while we’re walking in the hallway.

Oh Yeah definitely going to visit him. “Don’t worry he won’t be a problem no more” “What do you mean by that?” “You’ll see” I say while smirking. “You’re not going to kill him are you?” Kill him, where did that come from is it because of the gloves. “I don’t kill people.”

“Come on lets head to Lunch.”