Chapter 3

                The rest of the day went back smoothly, it was not until I got into lunch that things started to go south. I’m waiting in line to pay for my bag of chip and ice tea when a girl decides she wants to take all day to pay for her lunch. “I thought I had money on my account.” The brown haired girl in front of me say to the lunch lady. “You don’t have no money.” She responds back looking at register. I look at the time. I only got thirty minutes left to get to the computer lab if all the computers are not taken.

I look at the girl going through her purse. “I’ll pay her for.” I say going into my pocket and getting out a five dollar bill. “You don’t have too.” She say as I hand it to the lunch lady who looks unsure. “Let me. I have to be somewhere in like five minutes. It’s just a little change.” I say looking at the clock tick down while taking the change.

“Thank you.” She say grabbing up her lunch tray. “No problem. Just the chips and drink.” I say showing her and grabbing a sugar cookie. I pay the amount and exit the lunch line not before noticing students from the lunch table where the girl sat at all looking at me mostly a boy. I barely make it out of the lunch room when I hear my name being called.

I turn to the direction of the voice and see the same boy getting up from the table walking up to me going into his wallet. “Two dollars. My girlfriend get like that sometimes.” He say annoyed handing me to the money. “Thank you.” I say taking the money and he doesn’t say anything back. I shake my head walking off when feeling his eyes burning holes into my back.

I was able to make it to the computer lab to see a couple of spots available. I see Eric hovered over some black haired girl. I take my seat placing my snacks under the chair. I log onto the computer, sneaking looks at him and the girl. I never seen him so close up on any girl.

I know he see me because he keeps looking at me out of the corner of his eye. “You need something, Mia?” He asks looking at me. “Nope.” I say turning back to my computer, logging onto the internet. He turns back to helping the girl.

“Yeah.” I say hitting the power cord that’s hooked to my computer off with my right foot. It shuts the computer off. “What happened?” I ask confused looking at the black screen pressing on the keys. “Excuse me. I’ll be back.” I hear Eric say to the girl and walking over to me. He press a couple of keys while I look at the girl who sneak peeks at me. “So who is that girl? I never seen her before?” I ask he looks over the computer.

“Just a friend who’s in my science class and club.” He answer pressing different buttons on the keyboard. “What club?” I ask confused even though I heard him. “Science club. You didn’t hear me?” He asks going under the table. I shake my head no. “I think your foot hit the switch.” He say pressing the power button. The red light on the computer screen lights up showing that it’s powered back up.

“Can you cut it on for me?” I ask noticing the girl still looking at us. “I think she has a crush on you.” I say and he hit his head on the desk coming from under it. He rub his head in pain. “Are you okay?” The girl asks him.

“Are you okay?” I ask too hitting the power button on powering it on. “I am.” He say answering the girl but not me. “You have food and a beverage. Those are not allowed.” He say pointing to the sign that says no food in the computer lab.

“Are you snitching?” I ask him. “You’ll have to leave before you’re banned.” He say serious. I push both my chips and drink under the chair. “It’s no food.” The girl comment adding her two cent in. I look from her to Eric who’s staring at me.  “She’s right, Mia. It’s no food in here.” He adds. “I brought for you because you don’t like to each lunch and I know how you like to skip lunch some times.” I say lying going under my chair to grab them.

“I don’t want them. You’ll have to leave having food in a computer lab, Mia.” He say patiently waiting on me to get up and leave out. “Okay, you don’t have to stand over me, Eric.” I say looking at while looking at the girl in the crack of my eyes who’s also staring at me. “I’m not.” He say. “You don’t have to stare.” I say looking at her.

“Just making sure you leave out.” She adds while I just stare at her. “I don’t have to leave out. Why don’t you turn back around?” I ask catching an attitude noticing other students staring at us. “Mia, don’t.” Eric say. “She’s not gonna talk to me like that, Eric. I don’t know who she is nor do I care. You don’t open your mouth like that to me.” I explain to him.

“Do you want me to leave?” I ask him. “No food allowed.” “But I don’t have to leave?” I ask looking at her turning back to the computer. “No. Just get rid of it.” “And the problem is solved.” I say grabbing my snacks and getting up. “But I will leave.” I say noticing a staff member walking in my direction. “It was not that serious, Mrs. White.” I say reading her name tag.

“You know the rules. No Food or Drinks allowed.” She explain pointing to the sign. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.” I say pushing my chair into the desk. “Get your girlfriend, Eric.” I yell walking out of the room feeling eyes on my back. I calm down changing direction to walk to my locker.