Chapter 4

The next morning as I’m eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles my mother walks in dressed in her nursing outfit. She been a certified nurse for nearly thirty years. “How’s Janelle?” I asks as she sits down at the kitchen table. “She’ll be okay. You know how she and Liam is.” She say putting her purse on the table.

“Everybody knows. The whole world knows. They fuss every chance they get.” I say. Everybody knows about them is becoming tense how they’re both about to graduate. I empty the milk into the sink and wash the bowl out. “What made her cry?” I ask pouring dishwashing detergent into the bowl. “He changed his mind about going to college.” She answers.

“No.” I say surprised. I dry the bowl and putting it in the cabinet. “Yep.” She say popping the p. “He’s rather stay home.” “Does it have to do with another girl?” I ask curious. “Why? What you know?” She asks getting nosey. “It’s just a question. I don’t know nothing, Mom.” I laugh out hearing my phone beeping from in the living room.

“My phone, Mom.” I say pointing to the living room trying to rush out of the kitchen. “Is it another girl?” She yells as I’m jogging into the living room. “Saved by the Eric.” I say grabbing my phone off the charger and seeing a text from Eric. He wants to hang out.

“Mom, I’m going to hang out at Eric’s house.” I yell walking towards the front door. He lives a house down. “Be back by seven.” Mom yells from the kitchen. “Okay.” I say walking out of the house and jogging off the porch and past the mailbox.

“Slow down.” I hear someone yell and I turn to the direction to the voice to come face to face with Matt Tyler, Liam’s younger brother call from his house. I hated Matt Tyler with his green eyes, pretty boy face and his blonde hair. He was a straight bully when it came to me. He thought he was the star around here because he played football, his mom worked as a doctor and his father worked for the city council.

“You know how to shake things up?” He shouts looking me right in my face. “Shake things up?” I ask jogging pass his house and down the street deciding to ignore him. I look behind me to see him walking off his porch. “Leave her alone, Matt.” A voice yell from inside of his house.

I just keep jogging another house down to see Eric standing on his porch waiting for me. “Just wanted to make sure she gets the geek house.” He say walking back on the porch. “I am not in the mood.” I yell walking up to Eric’s porch.

“How you doing, Mia?” He asks as I’m walking up the steps on his porch. “I’m doing okay, Eric. You ready to hang out?” I ask pulling my shirt down after it rose up from jogging while he’s glaring at Matt whose just grinning. “Let’s just hang out. It’s Saturday.” I say walking into his house and seeing the living room full DVDs.

“You want to have a movie marathon day.” I say taking a seat not before grabbing one of the DVD’s. “Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.” I mutter with distaste. “I texted you last night.” Eric say finally coming into the house after the teen battle with Matt. “About the marathon. I seen the texted when I finally opened my phone ten minutes ago.” He sits down on the couch rubbing on his thighs nervously.

After nearly twenty minutes of silence between us. “Anybody else?” I ask looking around the living room. “The guys are coming later.” He say grabbing the remote and turning the TV onto the DVD screen. “I’ll be back.” He say getting up pointing to the kitchen. I nod as he make a quick exit. I jump when the front door is slammed loud. I turn my head when I see Nate and Thomas standing behind me laughing.

Nate and Thomas when you’ll find one, you’ll find the other. They always stick together probably because they been close friends since elementary school. I watch Nate walk in the back of the kitchen where Eric is at.

“You need to tell your parents to get that door fixed. It slams loud.” He say holding up a grocery bag. “What you got?” I ask Thomas and he just shake his head flopping on the couch. “Where’s the girls?” I asks as Eric walks back out with a bowl of ice and plastic cups. “You’re the only girl. We’re all geeks, Mia.” He say placing it in the middle of the table.

“I know I was just checking.” I say tossing the DVD to Thomas who puts it into the DVD player and hit play. “Did you see Matt talking about me?” I ask Nate, who’s also Matt’s cousin. “He likes you.” He casually say making me snicker while Thomas shake his head.

“He does not.” “He likes you or he just hate fat people.” He respond causing Thomas to punch him in the shoulder. “Ow.” He say rubbing his shoulder. I’m not that fat. “I am not in the mood. I get enough of his bullying during school and to add his brother dating my sister.” I say as Thomas turn the TV up. “What’s first?” Eric asks changing the subject. “Lord of the Rings.” He answers. I shake my head this going to be one long day.

Nate grab’s the remote ready to hit play on the DVD player. “Abbey’s not here yet.” Thomas say knocking the remote out of his hand. “Who is Abbey?” I asks getting comfortable. “She’s the girl who you almost fought.” Nate answer. Thomas look at me quick. “You almost fought Abbey. Why?” He asks.

“I did not almost fight her. She tried to get me kicked out of the computer lab.” I explain looking at Eric who’s once again not looking at me. “I seen it. She was about to fight her.” “She came at me first. Say she did not.” I say looking at Nate causing Thomas to look at him quick. “Did she? That doesn’t sound like Abbey we know.” He just shrug. “You’re not gonna talk bad about Abbey.” Thomas say fiercely. “You don’t say nothing to me. I don’t say nothing back. It’s easy as that.” I say while seeing Eric just staring at the TV.

“There’s her bike.” Nate say looking out of the window. I look outside seeing her getting off her yellow bike feeling wind hit the back of my head. I turn quick holding the back of my head looking at Thomas opening the door. “He likes her.” Nate explain looking at Eric.

“You like her too?” I ask Eric wanting to know. He shake his head. I nod looking at Thomas and her walk into the living room with her eyes on me.  I just turn my head towards the TV. “I’m not staying.” She say. “Why?” Thomas asks. “Because she don’t like me.” “I like everybody but you’re not gonna come at me like you did.” I explain.

“Can we just watch the movies?” Thomas asks trying to diffuse the situation. “I’m ready.” I say watching her take a seat on the other side on Eric’s right side. Thomas sit between Nate and Eric. “Let’s watch.” Nate say using the remote to press play. I study Thomas’s hurt face as he slides off the couch and on the floor. “You can sit right here. I’m much smaller.” I suggest. “I’m okay.” He say while Nate shake his head. I nod turning back to the movie.

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