Chapter 5

Days after the marathon and me still not liking Abbey, we’re at the school field watching Eric and his friends is playing soccer against Matt and his friends. It’s clear that Thomas has a crush on Abbey but she in turn have a crush on Eric. How is Eric taking it? He’s not too keen on the idea of his best friend’s crush liking him.

I cheer from the bleachers when he steals the soccer ball from Ian, one of Matt’s friend and make a two point goal. Another gust of wind hit me causing me to zip up my coat not before noticing Abbey staring at Eric once again when Thomas try to impress her. I get off the bleachers and walking towards Nate who’s on the side line.

I look behind me to see her staring at me along with another group of girls who I recognized from school. One of the girls is the girl who I paid for her lunch for her. I jog up to Nate who’s wiping the sweat off his face with a towel.

“That’s real funny.” I say standing next to him. “What you want, Mia? You’re making Eric distracted and nervous” He asks eyes not leaving off the game. “What are you the captain?” I ask him seeing girls staring at me from the corner of my eyes. “I am. What you want?” “What can you tell me about Abbey?” I ask him.

“That we hang out with her in school. Thomas really like her but she only likes Eric.” That explains why she came at me.  “Do you like her?” I ask. “I don’t like her like that. She’s a good friend.” He say taking his eyes off the game to look at me. “Eric don’t like her, Mia.” He say. “I can’t tell from the way he was on her and you was not there.” I say causing him to laugh.

“I was there. He was just helping her with a problem. She’s really computer smart.” He explain. I just nod watching Eric defend a player than tripping over his own foot. “See.” Nate laugh out. Thomas help him up. “Why don’t I go sit down?” I say turning my body looking at Eric checking his glasses out than putting them on his face.

“Okay, I’m gone.” I say when he goes back to playing. I jog back to the bleachers seeing the girls still got their eyes on me. I sit back down in my spot. Abbey sneak a look at me before turning back around to the game.

My phone beeps and I take it out of my pants pocket. I look at her sitting with group of friends. Right, Liam is playing in the soccer game too.  It’s not even three minutes till she send me another text.

Janelle: Is Nate your boyfriend?

                Me: No, he’s not. He’s just a friend.

                After twenty minutes of sitting in the cold watching the game. Eric’s team lost by six points least they tried but Matt team was too much for them. I look at them switching teams. I walk over again after they finished picking new players and a new game has started. Nate’s once again hanging on the side.

I leave off the bleachers walking over to him. This time another girl gets off the bleachers and walks over beating me. She put her hand on Nate’s shoulder and he turn around than look back at the game. “Do I stand or go back?” I ask looking from the bleachers to my feet. “You can stand here.” He say dismissing me. I nod watching the game as he walks away with the girl. I don’t like that.

“That’s real rude.” I say to the boy who’s sitting on the bench next to me. He nods turning back to the girl. “That’s the girl he likes.” He also say. “Why is he always out of the game?” I ask. “Because of his injured knee.” He say. “I’m Mia.” I say holding out my right hand for him to shake it.

“Ian.” He say shaking my hand and he go back to staring at the game. “Is Eric good?” I ask looking at him kick the soccer ball but it bounces off the goal’s rim. “He’s a good soccer player.” “I was just checking because he tripped when I walked up here earlier.” I say. “He wasn’t paying attention like he always do. I guess he got distracted. I never seen him distracted when it came to playing game.” He trails off looking behind me.

I look behind to see another girl walking up. “What is that you all got something against me? You’re the second girl.” I say catching an attitude. “This is my girlfriend.” We both say at the same time.

I sigh taking his seat as he walks off with his girlfriend. “Your girlfriend next.” I say another boy making him laugh. I watch the game for about fifteen minutes to see Nate walking back up. “Did you want something, Mia?” He asks me. I just stare at him. “I don’t talk to people who dismiss me. That was rude.” I say.

“That was real rude.” The boy next to me say.  “I don’t care what you say. That’s real rude and I don’t play that, Nate.” I say rolling my head. “She wanted to ask me something, Mia. I’m sorry.” He apologize. “Are you really, Nate?” I ask looking up at him and he nods. “You’re nasty.” I say turning back to the game. He just laugh.

“I accept your apology, Nate. Girls love to play games and they was bothering me since I was caught talking to you. I think she likes you.” I say pointing to the boy who’s standing with his girlfriend by a big tree. He turn his attention to me while the girl turn his head back to her. “That’s her friend.” He say turning back to me.

“Why don’t you have a seat?” I ask patting next to me. “I can’t bend my knee for long.” He say showing his black knee brace. “I did not see that. How that happen?” I ask. “Twisted it wrong playing soccer.” “Can you play again?” I ask him. “I hope so.”  He say sounding sad. “You will than maybe you can teach me to play soccer or something.” “I’ll take you up on that offer.” He say turning back to the game.

“If Eric don’t beat you.” I add looking at him walking over. He sit next to me. “What’s going on?” He asks Nate. “Nothing.” “He was been rude when he seen me walking up.” I explain. “He didn’t see you, Mia. I seen the whole thing. He had his back turned when she walked up. It was rude on the girl part for doing that.” “I didn’t see you. I apologize Mia.” Nate say to me.

“I accept. I know you didn’t see me but that other boy did and he was staring the whole time. He gave me a fake name.” I say crossing my arms against the cold wind. “Don’t worry about them. Do you wanna go home? I can take you on my bike.” I look at his silver bike than at my sister who’s chattering with the other girls. “She is so fake.” “That’s how girls is when it comes to other girls.” “Sure.” I say getting up while he gets up grabbing his bag. “The game?” “It’s over.” He explains putting the book bag on his back. I nod following behind him.