Lacie POV (Changing the Writing A little)

I get in the lunch room and looks around to see lots of students and one empty table. My kind of table. I think.

As I approach it, “How bout we sit over there” Bella says while pointing to a table full of people. “But this is the perfect table to sit at. Where no one is at.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you to some of my friends” she says while pulling me from the empty. Wait she has friends? The council ain’t say anything about her having friends. “Fine” I say. I give up.

“Guys” Bella says while letting me go. “This is Lacie. Lacie these are my friends. “Ben, Jessica, Angela, Mike and you already know Lauren” They either nod there head or smile at me. “Actually I know her as Princess” I say while pointing to Lauren. “Oh and why’s that?” Lauren says. Oh Yeah. I got me a rival a human one at that.

“Because for some reason you think you run this school.” “I don’t run this school” “So Your not the popular air headed blonde that be in every school movie” I say while the other’s laugh.

“I’m outta here” She says while getting up from the table. “Don’t leave now Princess” I yell at her. As she leaves the Cafeteria.

“While it seems she can’t take words” “She’s always like that.” The one named Angela says. “So are you new here?” Asked Mike.

“Yeah just moved from Upstate.” I say while pointing up and sitting down at the table. “Cool” Ben says while his face is in the book.

“What’s with the gloves?” Jessica Ask. “Just My Style” I say while rubbing my hands together. “Oh Okay and your hair?” she says while going back to reading her book.

“Born with it. Hey. What’s with the empty table over there?” I ask while pointing to it. “That’s where the Cullens used to sit at” Angela says. Cullens? I’ve never heard of them. Seems like Bella knows them caused she tense up.

“Yea Bella use to date one of them before they just up and left.” Jessica says while putting her book down. “Really?” “Yeah Edward Cullen” Is Bella stomach hurting cause she wrapped her arms around herself.

“Excuse me. I have to go somewhere.” Bella says while running out of the cafeteria. Looks like her stomach must be killing her. “Is she okay?” I asked.

“She’s probably still upset over the fact that she was dumped in the woods” Jessica says. Dumped in the woods that’s something.

“Not only that she was depressed for months. Didn’t even want to leave the house.” Angela says while eating.

She’s really telling Bella business. Is that why she’s my charge so I can help her get over him? I think.

“Yeah she came out of it though. This Jacob boy helped her get out of it.” Angela says while stilling eating.

“Jacob?” “Yeah. He lives in La Push.” La Push?

Riiiiinnnnnggggg. There goes the bell. Bella left her stuff too and she didn’t tell me about the Paper. Guess I’ll see her in the next class.

(After School)

Cancel that last thought it seems like she ran home. How do I know she ran home cause her friends haven’t seen her. Plus her truck isn’t in the parking lot.

As I’m walking towards the forest “Lacie” I turn around and look and see Jessica running towards me.

“Jessica, how can I help you?” I ask after I stopped walking.

“We were wondering if you would like to go to a beach bonfire we’re having tonight?” She says while handing me a flyer.

“Sure” I say while looking over the flyer. “Why were you walking towards the woods?” she ask while looking behind me.

“I was just going to drop Bella stuff off.” I say while still looking at the paper.

“ In the woods?” She asked while pointing at the woods, with her thumb.

“Yeah. Quick Shortcut.” I mumble, to end the conversation.

“Okay. Well can you ask Bella if she wants to go?” She says while sensing the ending of the conversation. “Sure” I say as I put the flyer in my back pocket.

“Ok. See you at the Bonfire.” She says while walking back to the parking lot and driving away with Angela.

Angela blows the horn and I wave. Wow. That was close. I think while walking deep in the forest. “No one”s watching.” I say while looking around. Now to sense Bella”s

Seems like she’s in the house by herself. I look around one more time to make sure ain’t nobody around before I disappear.

(Bella”s House)

I look around to make sure no one saw me. No one in sight just her truck. I then knock on the front door.

I hear footsteps running down the stairs. The door opens. “Lacie. What are you doing here? and How did you find where I lived? Bella ask while looking at me suspiciously. I rub the back of my head.

“Found out from one of your friends and I brought your books that you left at the table.” I say while handing her the books.

“Oh. Thank you. I forgot them” She says while grabbing them and putting them on a small table in the hallway.

“Yeah you also forget to tell me about the paper too” I say while putting my hands in my pockets.

“Sorry, why don’t you come in?” She says while moving to let me in.

I look around the house. “Nice Place” I say as she leads me in the living room. “Thanks” she say while sitting down in a chair. I sit on the couch.

“The paper is mostly about animals” She says like she doesn”t know herself. “Animals? I say confused. “Well forest creatures, like wolves, rabbits. foxes” She say. “Okay” I say still confused.

“You sound confuse?” “Yeah. What does that have to do with History?” “He just said to choose a partner and to write about anything and seeing how I didn’t have a partner-. “Okay I get it.” I say while interrupting. I didn’t want to hear her explanation.

“We could get together and I was thinking we can go in the woods, you know to get a first hand experience with the forest?” She says. She seem a little uncertain about the forest part.

“How about tomorrow then? Oh yeah there”s this beach bonfire thing.” I say while giving the flyer to her. “Jessica gave it to me and to ask if you wanted to go?”

“I think I’ll pass I’m kind of avoiding La Push at the moment” She says after reading it. “You sound kind of sad” “Its nothing. Its just my friend, Jacob has been avoiding me for like the pass 2 weeks and when I call I get excuses from his father that he’s not there or he’s hanging with friends”

“I’m sure there”s a good reason he’s avoiding you especially after all he’s done for you” I say. “How do you know what he did for me?” She asks while looking at me suspiciously. “Jessica and Angela” I say while looking away. “I guess things travel fast” She says while looking down. She’s really insecure.

“Why don’t you come to the bonfire? Just forget about all your troubles. Don’t think about Jacob or anything. Just have fun” I say with a smile. She needs to get out and have fun and especially on a friday night. “I don’t know” She says not sounding certain. “Bella its a Bonfire. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“I have-” “Bella” I interrupt “You’re gonna be surrounded by many people, we’re Seniors its time to party and have sex” “I’m not looking to have sex” She says while blushing. “I know just joking. Forget about the sex part. We can get drunk, dance with guys, and start fights” I say while laughing.

“I’ll do the other parts but not the drinking and fighting. My dad”s the chief of police” She says while smiling. Chief of Police that’s new information. “Fine with me” I say While I’m smiling too “ I guess I’ll meet you there.”

As I walk to the door and opens it , “Wait. Do you know how to get there?” She calls from behind me. I hit my forehead “Crap. Nope” “Why don’t you come back here at 8 and I can drive us there?” “Sounds good to me. See you Later Bella” I say while I walk out the door.

“Bye Lacie” She says while closing the door.

As I begin to walk towards the forest, I feel a pain in my head. That could only mean one thing the Council is calling me.