Chapter 5

I paced around in my bedroom. The house was given to me by the council. I was thinking about how I just sent someone to Hell. I looked at the clock it read 7:24 p.m. Bella”s probably waiting. I looked in the mirror to see how I looked.

I was dressed in a black tank top, blue jean shorts and black boots. I had to wear something that would go with my gloves. There wasn”t must to be done to my hair It’s already short. Time to Party. I thought.

I walked down the stairs, grabbed my phone and house keys. I put them in my pockets and left out the door making sure the door was lock.

I walked four houses down to Bella”s house. Had to stay close to my charge if anything shall happen. There was a cop car in front of Bella”s House. Her dad must be home. I think as I walked to the front door.

I knocked on the door only to come face to face with Bella”s father seconds later. “Can I help you?” He ask, with a raise of his eyebrow.

“I’m Lacie. Bella”s friend sir, we’re supposed to be going to a bonfire in La Push together.” I put out my hand to shake his.

He shook mines. “You’re Bella”s friend? How come I’ve never seen you before, Lacie?”

“I’ve move to Forks today actually sir. I go to school with her.” He just looked at me.

“Dad, stop interrogating Lacie.” I hear Bella yell from upstairs. I look up to see she’s wearing a tight green shirt with blue jeans. “Nice outfit, Bella” I say.

“Thanks. I’ll be back before-” She begins to say walking down the stairs. “Eleven Bella” Her dad interrupts. “Yeah. Eleven” Bella says back while grabbing her coat.

“After you, Madam” I joke, while holding my arm out. She laughs and walks out of the door. “See you, later Chief” I wave while walking to the truck.

We arrived at the beach, to see students from both La Push and Forks. “Wow. Didn’t think it will be this many people” Bella says frowning, while were in the parking lot. “Me. Neither, I just thought it would be just the kids from Forks” I say back.

“You gonna leave?” “Nope, Time to party” She says smiling. “That’s the spirit, Bella” I say happily, pumping my fist in the air. “Let”s Go Party” She smiles.

We get out of the truck and walk to the bonfire. People are dancing and drinking. Someone grabs me and we start dancing. “Oh My God. Lacie do you know him?” Bella ask, mouth hanging open. “No. But he’s a good dancer” I say back while dancing. She laughs. “I see Angela and Jessica over there. You’ll be okay?”

“Yeah. Go have fun” I say. She walks away. I look back at the dancer. “Hey. Kid What’s your name?” I ask looking up and down at him. “Greg” He says back. We both stop dancing and I stare at him in his eyes. “Nice dancing with you Greg but I have to go.” I say pointing with my thumb in Bella”s direction. I start walking away but he grabs my arm.

“But I’m not done dancing with you” He tighten his grip on me. He must think he’s hurting me. I think. I move closer to him. “Look Greg, either you let me go or I beat your ass right here.” I whisper deadly in his ear. He looks at me smirking. “You really think you can tak-” I punch him in his nose. He fell in the sand while grabbing his bloody nose.

Everything goes quiet and everyone looks at us. I inch closer to him. “Let this be a lesson to you, Greg. You put your hands on me again and you can kiss your hands, Goodbye.” I hear Bella run up to me. “Lacie, are you okay?” She ask in a worried tone. I turn around and smile. “I am now Bella, Greg here loves to put his hand on women. When they walk away from him.” I say pointing back at him.

“Everything okay over here?” I turn around to see two russet skin looking guys. They both look at me and let low growls out. Look like I’ve come in contact with wolves. I think. They look at Bella, one of them looks at Bella. The other moves to pick Greg up. “You never learn do you Greg?” He says. “Paul” The guy says when Paul starts to shake. The Paul guy stop shaking to help the other guy.

“Everybody, go back to partying.” The guy says. Everybody goes back to partying. They both leave with Greg. “Did you see the way they were looking at us?” Bella ask, looking at them leave. “Yeah. That was weird.” I say back. “Let”s just finish partying” We both walk to Jessica and Angela.

(An hour and a half later)

“You ready to go Lacie” Bella ask. I look at my watch it says 10:15. “Sure. See ya, girls.” I get up from the log with Bella. We walk towards the car. “See ya, Rocky” I hear them yell and laugh. I smile and Bella laughs. We get into the car and drive out of the parking lot. We drive in comfortable silence.

“I don’t think that Paul guy likes me” Bella says while frowning. “What makes you say that?” I say looking out of the window. “He looked at me like I did something wrong to him” She says shaking her head. “I doubt you did anything wrong, I mean what can you can do to that steroid looking dude.” I joked to her. She laughs.

“Where do you live at Lacie? So I can take you home” Bella ask as we’re drive towards Forks. I turn from looking out the window to look at her. “Four houses down from your house.” I say putting up four fingers and smirking. “So close” “Yeah. My relatives wanted me to be close to the school” I lie. “But It’s not close” She says confuse. “Tell that to them. Plus I love to walk.” I say turning to look out the window.

“I can walk from your house. It’s not far.” “I don’t know. It is kind of late” I laugh. “Bella, I can protect myself, did you not see what happened to Greg?” She smile. “Fine.” She goes back to driving.

We reach her house. We get out of the truck. “I had a good time Lacie.” She says smiling, as she’s walking to the door. “I knew you would. Maybe next time we can get tattoos.” I say jokingly. “Maybe. Bye Lacie” She laughs opening the door. “Bye Bella” I say while walking away.

(Next Day)

“I don’t see any animals in the forest, Bella?” I say frustrated. I was leaning up against a tree. I looked up at the sun. “They should be here its the middle of the day” She says while frowning. A howl. I smirk. Bella looks at me. “Was that a wolf ?” She ask me, eyes wide. “Yep. Seems like we found our first animal for the paper” I say clapping and jumping up and down.

“Should we go find it?” I ask her. Before Bella could answer, a snap is heard. “Hello, Bella” A voice says. She turns around. I look past her to see a vampire. “Laurent” she said her voice shaking. I move closer to Bella. He sniff the air. “It seems you brought a friend who I might add smell delicious.” He says smiling, looking at me.

“Leave her alone she has nothing to do this.” Bella yells with confidence. I started taking off my gloves and putting them in my back pocket. “You know I was going to warn you about Victoria, but I think I was save you for myself” He says to moving towards Bella. I move protectively in front of her. “If I were you, I would think twice about moving again.” I say.

Just then five of the biggest wolves, I’ve ever seen jumped out of the bushes. They started growling at Laurent. While he was distracted, I kicked him in the stomach sending him flying in front of the black wolf. I then grabbed Bella”s hand and started running away. “Lacie, how in the world did you do that?” She asked while we’re running. We then heard a scream and screeching noise. We both stopped and looked behind us, to see a purple smoke.

As I was went to grab her hand again, a growl was heard I turned around to see a silver wolf baring his teeth at me. I reached into my pocket and took a glove out and put it on my right hand. The wolf eyes widen and a gasp was heard. I turned to face Bella. “Lacie, your hair and eyes?” She says reaching for my hair.

She stopped when the wolf growled and moved towards me. I turned to face it. Bella moved in front of me. “NO, leave her alone she helped save my life.” She said bravely. I heard the sound of other wolves, I turned to see them baring their teeth at me. I looked at each wolf. I can’t kill them, one of them is my mate. I think to myself.

“I think we”ve had too much fun in the forest Bella, why don’t we get out of here?” I say smiling. I moved to grab her shoulder, but the russet wolf jumped at me and bit my shoulder and threw me into the tree. I heard Bella scream. I look to see her being held by the Paul dude from running to me.

I got up and brushed my clothes. I looked up to see the russet wolf growling and baring its teeth and inching towards me. Haven’t been a week and already I’m fighting. This is gonna be fun. I think while smirking.