Chapter 6

I look around to see a russet wolf coming towards me. “LET ME GO, PAUL” I hear Bella yell. I turn to look at her. She’s struggling to get out of his grip. She looks at me eyes wide. I smile. The wolf in front of me growl. I turn to look at it and smirk. “Look I’m not here to cause trouble, I’m just exploring the forest with a friend.” I say, putting my hands in the air.

The wolf growls and bares it teeth. I smirk. “I see you wants to play? Fine. Let”s play.” I say taking my jacket off. “LACIE, DON’T” ITS JACOB” She yells. The wolf looks at her. I see that as an opportunity, I run to the wolf and back hand it. The wolf fly”s into a tree. “JACOB” Bella yells. The other wolves run towards me. I disappear and appear behind Bella and Paul.

I hit Paul in the back of the neck. He falls unconscious. “Lacie, are you going to kill me” She asks scared backing away. “Bella, I’ve said before I don’t kill humans” I smirk. “I’ll explain everything, Bella. Just come with me.” I hold my hand out to her. The other wolves growl at me and inch towards me. “Please, Bella I’ll explain.”

“I’m not here to kill, It’s the opposite. Please” She reaches for my hand. “BELLA, DON’T” I hear someone yell. She stops and looks at the person. “Jacob, you’re okay.” She runs towards him and hugs him. He wraps his arms around her. “Get behind me, Bella” He moves her behind him. He looks at me. “What are you?” He says angrily, growling.

I put my glove back and my hair changes back to gray. I look up at him in the eyes. When I look into his eyes, I see my future. Me and him playing in a backyard with our kids, us running in the woods together, me and him on the beach together. I shake my head to get the vision out of my head. He falls on his knees. I looked around to see the wolves have all changed back.

“Jacob, are you okay?” I heard Bella ask Jacob. When I was looking at them, I should have paid attention to the guy that was shaking on the ground. He changed next to me and his paw hit me. It sent me flying into one of the guys were I heard something crack. “Ah, Fuck” He hiss. I get off him, he’s holding his side.

I laugh. “You think this is funny, you broke my ribs” He yells angerily, still hissing. ”Grab her” I hear a voice command. I’m grabbed by Jacob and another guy. “Hey! let me go!” I yell, struggling to get out of the grip. “That bitch broke my ribs” He yells as he’s being helped up. “Watch it. Jared” Jacob growls at him.

“I didn’t break your ribs, if you wanna blame someone blame him” I say pointing my head in the direction of the silver wolf. The wolf growls at me. ”Enough, all of you” The guy who looks bigger than them all, yells. He then moves to me and sniffs my neck. “Sam” Jacob growls out. “I’m just checking to see what she is, Jacob” Sam says moving back from me. “You don’t smell like a leech” He says. “Ha, don’t compare me to those bloodsuckers” I spit out.

“Lacie” I turn to see Bella walking with the wolf moving cautiously next to her. “What are you? You said that you’re not here to kill me than what are you doing here?” The silver wolf growls at the word “kill”. I smile. “Why don’t you guys remove my gloves and I can show you what I am?” “You think we’re going to fall for that?” Jared yells. “You yelling must mean your ribs are healed.” I say smirking. He moves towards me.

Jacob growls. “Jared, if you know What’s good for you, You’ll stop right there” He says baring his teeth. Sam puts his hands on Jared shoulder. “She’s his imprint, Jared. Are you forgetting that?” Sam asks. “How can he when Jacob”s growling all the time?” The guy who”s holding me asks, laughing. “Shut it, Embry” Jacob says.

“Imprint? What the hell is that?” I ask confuse. “We’re asking the questions, here.” Jared says, smirking. I stick my tongue out at him. “Lacie” I look at Bella. “Okay, I’ll you what I am? I’m an Angel” I say seriously. Embry laughs. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard.” I look at him. “What there can be werewolves and vampires, but there can’t be Angels”

I look at Bella. “Look into my eyes Bella” I say. She looks in my eyes. “What do you see?” I ask her. She moves towards me. The wolf growls. “I’m not going to hurt her, she’s my charge” “Charge?” She asks. “I came from up there, to protect you or something. I don’t know the council, sent me here saying something about how my destiny changed. That my mate”s a wolf. I say that last part looking at Jacob. He let”s go of my arm.

I take that as a chance to grab Bella”s arm. The wolf growls. “Let her, go” Sam orders. I look at Sam. “I’m just going to show her, that I’m an Angel.” I look at Bella. “Bella, you don’t have to take my glove all the way off, just move it up a little and you will see my Angel wing.” I plead to her. “Bella don’t do it. It can be a trick” Embry says.

“It’s not. I’m surrounded by you wolves. What’s the worst I can do? Kill her? I’m an Angel, that goes against laws to take a Human life. I can be stripped of my wings and be killed” I plead to them. “Sam” Jacob says. “Fine Do it, You hurt Bella we”ll kill you imprint or not.” Sam says, looking into my eyes. Bella looks at Sam, he nods.

She put her hand on my gloves. She looks at me. “Trust me, Bella. I’m not here to hurt you” She moves it off a little, and it shows a white wing. “That’s my wing, the other one is black. I’m the only one of my kind with two different color wings. We live to protect charges, I couldn”t hurt you if I wanted too.” I say while looking at her.

I move my hand out of the glove. She gasps. “Lacie, your hair is white and eyes are gray.” I smile. “This is what Angels looks like we’re Angelic creatures, we don’t kill humans, look in my eyes Bella and you will see what I look like with wings” I lower my head to her height. She looks in my eyes. I show her what I look like with wings. “You really are an Angel” she says smiling. I pull my head back. “Thank you” I say smiling. “Take them to my house, we have to talk” Sam orders.

Embry pulls me in a direction. “Hey, where you taking me? Me and Bella have a paper to write” I say. She laughs. “There are more important things than a paper, Lacie.” I smirk. “Like what, sex?” Embry laughs. “Jacob, is gonna to have a time with you.” I look back to see it was only me, Bella, Embry, and Paul(still a wolf) walking. “Not as much, I’m going to have with him” I mutter, smirking. Embry laughs. “What?” “Nothing”

As we’re still walking in the forest, Embry is still holding me. “When you see Emily, don’t stare” He says. I look at him. “It shouldn”t matter how you look, It’s the inside that counts” I say smiling. He smiles. “Emily will love you” I look behind me see Paul disappeared. I see him come out. “Well look who”s finally got his two legs back.” Me, Embry, and Bella laugh. He growls.

“You’re lucky, I can’t rip your head off” He says. I smirk. “You seriously think you can take me” I say back to him. He raise his eyebrow. “Is that a challenge?” He asks. I snatch my arm out of Embry”s hand. “It can be, if you want it to be?” I say as I move to him. “Paul, Lacie Stop it” Bella yells while getting in between us. Embry just stands on the side looking at us. “You’re lucky, Bella just saved your life” I say to him.

He smirk. “From what you just said, you can’t kill humans” I smirk back at him, while moving back. “I can’t kill them, but I can seriously injure them” As I launch myself at him, Embry moves Bella out-of-the-way. I tackle Paul and he transform into a wolf. We start circling each other. “Embry, stop them” Bella yells at Embry. “No can do Bella, I have to protect you.” He says while moving her back.

“Listen to him, Bella. You might get hurt.” I say, smiling. I tackle Paul and we roll in the forest. Bella screams. He’s on top of me his teeth near my throat. I kick him off of me, he lands away from me. I get up. “What’s wrong, pup? Can’t take a girl down” I say laughing. As he run towards me, he’s tackled by the russet wolf.

They start growling and circling each other. I start to run towards them but is grabbed. I turn to see Embry. “I thought you was protecting Bella” I ask. “She’s at the house” He says back. I turn to look at the two wolves who are fighting. “That russet wolf is Jacob.” I state to him. “Yep. Seems like he don’t like his girl being attack.” I smile. “Wow. I’m his girl already, he hasn”t even taken me out to dinner yet.” He laughs.

Just then the black wolf comes out barking what seems like orders to the wolves. They end up on the ground on their belly. “Hey. Should I go pet both their heads to calm them down?” I ask Embry, while elbowing him in the stomach. He laughs. The black wolf doesn”t seem amuse because he barks at us. “Let”s take you back to the house.” He leads me back. “But I wanna see what happens next” I pout, looking at him.

“Sorry. Under strict orders” He says to me. That shut me up. Jacob barks at me. I turn and look in his eyes and remember the future I saw. “Oh Yeah. I hit the Jakepot.” I say while smiling.