Chapter 4

I look around to see I have been called in front of the Council. Who is circling me. The Council consist of 5 top angels, 3 men and 2 women. You would think they were in their mid 20s but, they were at least 300 years old.

“Is there a reason I have been called upon the Council?” I ask while smirking. 3 of the Council looks at me while raising their eyebrows. I raises mine back at them.

“Do you not know who”s present you are in? The Eldest of them all, Vera, ask half amused.

I shrugs my shoulders. “I know who presence I’m in, doesn”t mean I’m going to be respectful”

Greg, the most brutal of the Council, snaps his fingers. I’m on my knees in pain screaming. “I see you still need to be taught” he says in a rough voice.

“I’m a dog that can’t be taught new tricks” I say, while gritting my teeth and getting up rubbing my head.

He laughs. “Funny you should mention dogs.”

“Enough,Greg” Haley, the sensitive one, calls out. “We called you here for a reason.”

“Sweet Haley. What could the famous Lacie do to be called in front of us again?” He asks, while smirking. I looks at him in distaste.

“Is this going to take long, I have a party to get ready to?” I ask, while crossing my arms.

“It seems you have become involved with wolves” Vera says.

“Wolves? They haven’t been seen in decades” I looks at them in disbelief. “You didn’t tell me I would be involved with them nor anything about my charge.”

I paces around. “How am I getting involved with-” I’m hushed by her hand.

“Your destiny has change”

“Destiny? What the He-” I start choking.

“Greg, Stop” Haley yells.

“What? She was going to say Hell” He says while putting his hand down and smiling.

“Oh. So its okay for you to say it but not me.” As I rub my neck.

“I’m Sorry. Are you on the Council?” He smiles. “I don’t see you sitting at a table.”

“Enough. It seems your fate is with a wolf.” Vera says. “Your mate actually”

I shake my hand and head. “I’m not going to be a mate to a wolf”

“It’s your fate to be a mate to one, whether you like it or not. You can’t fight it”

“What about my charge? Is her fate with one too?”

“We can’t see her fate. Its strange its like she’s blinding us.” Jesse, the quiet one, says.

“So what now? What does my wolf look like? I mean is he hot” I say while smirking. Greg rolls his eyes.

Vera smiles. “We don’t know. All we see is that you’re destined for greater things.” She says confused.

“Destined for greater things. I must be in a movie” I mutter.

“We need you to send someone to hell?” Chuck, the reserve one, says.

“You need me send someone to He-” I look at Greg. He narrow his eyes. “I mean there. You only send certain souls there. Who is it?”

“Robert Howard” Vera says.

My eyes widen . “My history teacher. For talking to me like that? I was just going to rough him up a little bit”

“He has the potential of becoming a strong vampire a gifted one in the future. He needs to be sent before he’s turned. Go now.” She flicks her hand.

I look around to see, I’m in front of a pale blue house. Different types of flowers bushes are front of the house. I look at the sky to see the sun setting. I look at my watch to see its 6:43.

I walk up to the door. Looks at the mail plaque to see “The Howards”. I raise my fist and Knock.

I wait for at least 2 minutes, till A mid 30 year old woman open the door. She has brown hair, tall, and wearing a dress. She looks at least 7 months pregnant.

She looks at me and smiles. “Hi can I help you?”

“Yes, my parents made me come and apologize to Mr. Howard for an incident that happen at school. Is he in?” I say while frowning.

“Yes he is. Come on in.” She moves out of the way and closes the door behind me after I walk in. “Why don’t you wait this way?”

I follow her and take off my gloves to show my tattooed hands. A black angel wing on the left hand and a white angel wing on the right.

“I’m sorry for this” I say sadly. She turns to look at me confused.

“What-” I touch her shoulder using my right hand and she passes out. I catch her and pick her up to lay her on the couch in the living room.

“You won’t remember me and I’m sorry for your lost.” I put my glove back on my right hand and my hair and eyes turns black.

I walk towards the bedroom looking for him and sees that He’s laying on the bed, remote in hand watching TV and turning the stations. “Marie, who was at the door?”

“An angel you can say or devil by the way I’m looking” I say smirking while leaning against the door.

He turns to look at me and is horrified at what he sees. “Lacie, Oh my God. Your eyes.”

“There”s a hit out on your soul and I’m here to collect.” I super speed to him. I grab his throat with my right hand. “You’re going to hell for your crimes”

He struggles. Eyes wide. “Hell. What are you talking about? I’ve done nothing wrong”

“Maybe not now but, in the future. I’m saving lives by taking you out.”

“I’ not going to kill anyone. Please I have a wife and a daughter on the way” He pleads with tears in his eyes.

“Sorry. Can’t go up against the Council again, Lets just say it hurts like hell.” I let him go and he falls to the ground on his knees.

“Look into my eyes” He looks in my eyes, tears falling. I frown. “I’m really sorry about this, if I had my way you wouldn”t be sent to hell. I would rather watch over you then send you there. I promise to watch over your family to make sure no harm comes their way.”

I touch his forehead with my left hand and his body is surrounded by a circle of fire. “Please. I’m sorry if its about talking to you that way earlier” Tears coming down.

I shake my head. “Its not about that. You will take lives by becoming gifted and powerful. I’m really sorry.” I say sadly.

I remove my hand, from his forehead and he screams as his body is engulfed by the fire. Only thing left is a circular scorched mark.

Angels absolute law is to never kill humans, yet Sending them to hell, is the loophole. Angels are just as wicked as Devils. I think as I disappear.