Chapter 7

We’re walking through the forest again. “I came this close” pinching my fingers all the way “to taking down Paul” Embry laughs. I look at him. “Really from what I saw he came this close” copying what I did “to your throat.” He says while laughing. “Wait you saw why didn’t you help?” “You looked like you had everything under control” I did have it under control.

“How long before we arrive at the house” I ask looking at the trees that we walk by. “Not far. I’m guessing you’re not a forest type person” I shake my head. “I’ve never had a charge that lived near a forest or that they were involved with vampires and wolves.” “You say you’re an Angel, why Bella. I mean she was involved with the Cullens and from the sounds of it your not friends with vampires”

I look at him confuse. “Cullens? Her Ex-boyfriend?” I start thinking. My eyes widen. “She dated a vampire?” I say appalled. He stops walking and looks at me. “You didn’t know?” “NO” I yell. “I don’t get involve with vampires under no circumstances I thought he was just a regular guy” “No, she knew he was a vampire and still dated him until he left her in the woods.”

I shake my head and start backing away. He starts looking at me wary. “Tell Bella and the rest of you wolves, It was nice knowing you guys. But I can’t have a charge involved with Vampires.” I move to run but he grabs my arm. “Hey! Let go” He shakes his head. “Can’t do that you’re Jacob”s imprint, and seeing how you can disappear and reappear at will, can’t let you go.”

I look him in the eye. “Embry. let me go before I hurt you” I threaten. “The only way I’m letting you go is if you kill me, and seeing how you can’t do that.” I throw a punch and he catch it. My eyes widen. He smirk. “Look at that, it seems you’re moving a lot slower than before.” I goes to kick him, he catch my leg. He laughs. “From the looks of it when you have white hair, it looks like it slows you down. That explains why Paul came close to biting your throat out.”

He lifts me and puts me over his shoulder. “Put me down, Embry” He start walking. “Like I said no can do.” I start banging on his back. “Look I can barely feel you banging on my back. I’m starting to think that when you have white hair it start making you human, the black you’re at your strongest while the gray you’re in between.” How the hell does he know? I think.

He laughs. “I observe things Lacie. I don’t stand by and watch for nothing.” “Have anybody told you that’s creepy?” He laughs. “Nope, you’re the first one. Don’t worry You’ll learn a lot about me, seeing how You’ll be around us.” “I’m not stayi-” “What about Jacob?” He interrupts. I stiffen. “You say he’s your mate, yet you’re willing to leave him because he’s involved with vampires. That’s what we do, Lacie we kill vampires.” I feel defeated. He notices.

“We’re wolves, Lacie. Its our job” He continues “and from the looks of it you didn’t know or you would”ve ran a long time ago. I may not know you but you’re a fighter, Lacie. I mean we all saw when you kick that vampire in the stomach, hit Jacob into a tree and knocked Paul unconscious and then turned around and tackled him.” I smile.

I sigh. “I lost a charge because of a vampire” He stops walking and set me down. “I was watching her from heaven, when I literally went blind. By time I got to her to see what happened her, I saw the vampire draining her dry. I killed the vampire and tried to save her but it was too late.” I say taking off my other glove and putting in my pocket. My hair turns back gray and eyes back to brown. “The price of losing a charge is your wings but seeing how I’m one of a kind and it was first time it happened. I got off easy” I say sadly.

He start to move towards me he then looked past me. “Jacob”s here. I’ll leave you two alone. He walks away and I feel arms wrapping around me. I hugged them and leaned my head back on his chest. “How easy did you get off?” He ask, after what felt like hours. “I’m too valuable to the Council so instead of taking my wings they took something else” I look up at him.

He looks down at me. “What did they take?” I shake my head. “I don’t know, but I feel that something is missing” I sigh. “I don’t want to talk about it. We should start walking to Sam”s house?” He looks at me like he’s debating. He unwraps himself from me, grabs my hand and start leading me to Sam”s house.

We get to Sam”s house and I just stand there looking at the house. Jacob already went in, he was saying something I was barely listening. “Are you going to come in or just stand and look? I hear Embry ask out the front door. “What? It’s a nice place. You think he will sell it me to for five feathers? I ask smiling. Embry laughs. “I doubt it. Come back to Earth, Lacie. Feathers aren”t worth anything here.” I laugh.

I walk through the door. “Neither is y”all fur.” I mutter. I hear laughter in the house. “It’s all about the fur in here.” I hear Jared say. I look at him and see he has his arm around a girl that has long brown hair, and looks somewhat shy. I smirk. “Well,Well. What do we have here?” I superspeed and sit next too her. She scream suprised and Jared growl which cause Jacob to growl.

“Just taking a seat. No need To start a growling competition.” I say laughing which caused laughter. I look at the girl. “Why don’t you lose the zero and get with the hero.” I say pointing from Jared to me. “What?” she stutter. “Lacie” I look at Bella. “Leave Kim alone” I smile. “You make it sounds like I’m a devil.” She laughs.

I look back at Kim. I put my right hand out. “Hi, I’m Lacie.” She shakingly put her in my hand. I close it. She gasps. “Are you okay?” I ask concerned. I look at Jared. “Is she okay?” He looks at Kim. “Kim” “Yeah. Your hand is cold.” I move out of hand. “Sorry, about that I usually cover them up” I turn to look at the woman who has the claw looking scars but still look beautiful. “I guess you don’t want a hand shake.” I say to her.

She moves from Sam towards me and hold her left hand out. “Hi, I’m Emily” I smile. I look at her hand and then her scars. I shake her hand with my left. “Lacie” I smirk then take my right hand and touch her scars. The scars disappear. She touches her face then looks at my face, Eyes wide.

“Oh my God. Lacie your face.” Emily yell. I feel the scars forming on my face. Jacob runs to me. He touch my face. I smile. “It’s nothing. It”ll heal.” I look him in the eyes. “It’s nothing” “How can you say It’s nothing” I hear Sam yell. I turn to look at Sam. I smile and rock on my heels. “It’s the least I can do you guys welcomed me into y”all home.” “It wasn”t a welcome more like an order from Sam” Jared says interrupting. I laugh.

“I don’t get it.” I look at Bella. “You don’t get what?” “Since I’ve met you, you”ve had this carefree attitude.” I sit next to her. “You only live once Bella, gotta go out with a bang.” “Is that what happened to you?” Embry asks. “Embry” Sam yells. He looks at Sam. “What? Aren”t y”all curious of how she became an Angel? I mean she is dead.”

Jacob start shaking. The wolves move the girls behind them. “Embry I swear to-” I get up and put my hand on Jacob”s shoulder. He stop shaking. “Already told you one thing about me, Embry. Maybe another time.” He put his hands up. “Fine” He leaves out of the living room.

I look at Jacob. I start feeling over his body. “Are you okay? Sam, call a doctor! Jacob just had a seizure” I say worried, while still touching Jacob. They all laugh except me and Bella. “That’s what happens before we phase into a wolf” Sam says. I look at him confused. “Phase” Me and Bella say at the same time.

Over the next hour, they explain to me and Bella about them being wolves, the signs of how to move away if they start shaking(for Bella”s Benefit), and patrolling. Touching my face, the scars disappeared a long time ago. They thanked me, Sam and Emily. She couldn”t stop crying.

I’m watching Tv, when I get a sharp pain in my head. “Ow” Jacob rushes to me. “Are you okay?” I smile. “Aw. That’s sweet.” I say touching his cheek. The guys except Sam roll their eyes. “Yeah. I have to go the council is calling me.” “Wait who are the Council?” Jared ask. “The bosses of all Angels that Angels are scared to cross.” “Are you scared to cross them?” Bella ask me. I laugh. “I’mma a delinquent, Bella. I’m not scared of no one.” She laughs.

I hear Paul mutter something. “What”cha say Paul?” I get up and stalk to him. “You wanna go at it again?” He gets up. “Enough. Paul” He looks at Sam. “Do I need to assign you extra patrol again. For attacking an Imprint.” He yells at Paul. I look at Sam. “What’s an imprint?” He looks at Jacob.

“I’ll tell you what it is, how about walking with me in the forest?” He begins to say but I get a pain in my head. “I would love too, but I have to see what they want” I say pointing up. “Wait how do you get up there?” Embry asks. “By disappearing, from down here and appearing up there” “You can do that?” Kim asks. “Yeah.” I smirk. “Wanna go with me?” I hold out my hand. “NO. SHE DON’T” Jared yells. I laugh. “I’ll be back. Bye, Bye” I wave and disappear.

I appeared back in Sam”s but in a bedroom. I walk out of the bedroom and downstairs. “Boo” I yell. I scare Emily and Kim. I laugh. I look around to see the guys are eating. “Hey! How come I didn’t scare you guys?” I ask the guys curious. Embry looks up from eating. “We heard you when your feet hit the floor then we smelt you” He says, going back to eating.

I start sniffing myself. “I stink. I don’t smell anything.” Jacob gets up from the table;grabs my neck and sniff my neck. That feels good. I think. I wrap my arms around his neck. He put his hands on my waist and start kissing my neck. I moan. Someone coughs. I unwrap myself from him. “Uh. Jacob, there are people watching” I say blushing. I turn to see them smiling and grinning.

“Sorry” He says, but he don’t look sorry. I look around to see people missing. “Where”s Bella and Paul?” I ask. “They went to the beach” Emily answers. “Oh, the beach should we go join them?” I ask excited. “Not this time they need to talk.” Talk? Oh. Jacob. I look at Jacob. “Are you still up for that walk in the forest?” “Yeah.” He grabs my hand. We start walking out the house. “Your up next for patrol Jacob.” Sam yells as we’re walking through the kitchen. “Got it, Sam.” Jacob yells.

Jacob leads me deep in the forest. He stops walking and turns to face me. He looks nervous and start pacing. “As wolves, we have this thing called imprinting.” “That’s related to imprint, Right?” I ask interrupting. He stop pacing and looks at me. “Yeah. It’s something we can’t control that happens to us like turning into wolves. It’s basically when wolves finds their soul mates” I smile at the word soul mate “and I found her” My smile drop “Lacie its you” He says quickly.

“You’re my mate, Its like what Sam and Emily is and Jared and Kim.” “What about Embry and Paul?” I ask, when he doesn”t mention them. “Embry hasn”t found his yet and Paul is telling his imprint now.” “Bella” He smiles. “Yeah. When it comes to imprints, they are the only thing that matters to us. Imprints come first then everything else comes second.” He says.

“It that why you guys thought I was a threat to Bella? I ask. He look regretful. “Yeah. At the time we saw you, as a threat to Paul”s Imprint because we didn’t know what you were. I’m sorry about attacking you.” He apologise. I grab his hands. “Jacob, Its okay. I looked like a threat because my heart don’t beat and I looked crazy. If we’re apologising, I’m sorry for hitting you into a tree.” He laughs.

“I guess we’re even then.” I smile. “Yeah. I guess we can say our relationship started off abusive on both sides” I say laughing. His look turn serious. “Don’t joke about that I will never hurt you, ever” He says, in a tone that says he mean business. I remember Emily face. “Is that how, Emily?” “Yeah. Sam got angry and she was too close. That’s why It’s dangerous to make us mad.” He looks down.

“Jacob, you can never hurt me. I’m strong and I heal you saw first hand with the scars.” I say looking into his eyes. “I know but you’re my imprint I don’t want to see you get her ever.” I bite my lip. “I’m an Angel, Jacob. I protect people just like you do and I can’t make a promise that I’ll never be hurt but I can try to avoid getting injuries.” I smile and he smiles too.

“If it comes to that avoid all injuries.” I laugh. “I like when you laugh” I smile. “and smile” He adds. I look into his eyes. “I like looking in your eyes, every time I look I see our future.” He smiles. “What do you see?” “Us? Together and the children we have” His smile grow wider” and their beautiful.” “I can’t wait to meet them” “Me neither” I say.

I look into his eyes. I wrap my arms around his neck. He wraps his arms around my waist. We lean-to each other and we’re having the most beautiful first kiss ever. Our tongues are battling for dominance. I let him dominate. It turns into a heavy make out session. I was so into the kiss that I didn’t even feel when my back hit the tree.

He started kissing my neck, I moved my hands from his neck and roamed them across his abs to his shorts. He moves my hands from his shorts and raise them above me. I look at him. “As much as I’m loving this I don’t want our first time to be in a forest, Lacie. Especially where that red headed-leech can show up at anytime.”

“Okay, where should we go?” He laughs. “Lacie, I want it to be special. We’re mates, but I would like to do this the right way. Getting to know each other first, dating then we can go from there.” I look at him like he’s stupid. I snatch my hands out of his grip. He looks hurt. “You’re rejecting me.” I turn from him. “I’m not rejecting you, Lacie. There”s a vampire that keeps roaming around I don’t want us to be interrupted.”

I look at him. “What vampire?” “A red-headed leech that keeps coming back, obviously she wants something in Forks but, we keep chasing her out.” I connect the dots. My eyes widen. “What is it?” “I know what she wants?” He looks at me surprised. “You do?” I grab his hand and drag him back to Sam”s.

We walk in Sam”s house, he walk and I run. “Woah! Slow down, Lacie. You almost ran me over.” I heard Jared say as I pass him in the kitchen. I look around and see that Bella and Paul isn’t back. “There not back yet.” I say looking around. “Nope. Not yet.” Emily say. I sit at the table but Jacob stands me up and he sit down and I sit on his lap. “Lacie says she know what the Red headed leech wants.” Jacob says to Sam. Jacob wraps his arm around my waist.

They look at me. “You know what the red-headed leech wants?” Sam ask with authority. I look at him. “Not what, but who, Bella?” He crosses his arms. “Why you think Bella?” I lean on the table. “It all make sense, her being my charge, that Laurent vampire saying something about Victoria coming for her, plus Bella lives in Forks. I mean she did hang around those Cullens which I heard from Embry are Vampires.”

“She does have a point Sam” Jared says sitting across from me. “She would”ve meet her from the Cullens. She did hang with them” Embry says from his seat. “We cou-” “There coming.” Jacob interrupts, looking at the kitchen. We all look as they come through the door. Bella laughing and Paul smiling, they stop when they see us staring. “What” Paul growls out.

I shake my head. Always the growler. “Bella” She looks at me. “Red headed vampire?” I say serious. She gasps, eyes widen with fear. “Victoria” She makes a run for it for the front door. I superspeed to the door and blocks her from exiting. She starts to back away. “Bella” Sam calls out. She looks at him fear in her eyes. “Sam, what the hell is goi?” Paul begins to asks angry but Sam raises his hand to stop him from talking and looks at me then the door.

I close the door and locks it. “Embry” He calls out. Embry gets up and locks the backdoor and comes back. “You can’t lock me in here” She says. “Bella” Sam says with authority. She looks at him. “It’s time you tell us what happened between you and the Cullens.” She looks him in the eyes. “I don’t have to tell you nothing.” She says spit venomously. Everybody is shocked. Time to get serious.

“Bella” I call out seriously. She looks at me. “This is a serious situation, their wolves they need to know what they are dealing with. You heard the same thing, I heard that Vampires causes them to phase into wolves. That Laurent guy already been here plus you have Victoria that keeps running around here trying to get you and its exposing no telling how many boys to phasing, some are probably in the transition already into turning into one. In order for that stop, they need to know about the Cullens and Victoria.”

She shakes her head no. “You can’t make me tell. That’s my business to know.” She yells at me. ”Bella” Sam says standing up straight like an Alpha. She looks at him. ”Its just like Lacie says, some are already getting ready to phase. We need to know about the Cullens and Victoria, so we can kill her and stop her from trying to get to you. You are now part of this pack and you will be protected but we can’t protect you if you don’t tell us what we’re dealing with”

Looking down she shakes her head no. I sigh. “Bella, let”s try this again” I say moving towards her. I sniff her. “Bella, you have a scent.” I smirk.” Your best friend is a wolf, you’re an imprint, you”ve just met the pack plus you’re in danger from a vampire. That’s four things already makes you start spending your time here, you don’t smell like yourself. You smell like a wolf” I say sniffing her again. “Woah, Bella its strong too.” She sniffs herself.

“I don’t smell anything” She says. “That’s because you’re human, you’re dealing with vampires and wolves Bella.” I say back to her. “Let”s think of this scenario, you’re hanging here,” I point to the floor “Victoria shows up, the wolves leave, she gets past them following your scent thinking you’re in Forks. Why’s because that’s where your scent is at its strongest. Can anybody tell me where she would go thinking Bella”s in Forks?” I ask turning to the table. Embry waves his hand in the air. “I know. I know.” He says. “Yes, Embry.” I point to him.

“Her house, because she lives there.” “Correct, but she don’t live alone, someone else live there.” I say sarcastically. Her eyes widen. “Is it Charlie, Lacie?” He asks. “Bingo. Embry. And seeing how she keeps escaping from here means she must be a gifted vampire, right Bella?” I ask looking at her. “Gifted Vampire?” Jared asks. I point to him with my thumb.

“See that Bella, you just got your dad killed because you withheld information. Not only that, she escapes to kill or worst turn people into Vampires,Bella. Might I add Forks is populated by buildings, not the forest were the wolves are at their best. There”s only five of them, Bella, they can’t protect La Push and Forks at the same time, Bella; and from what Jacob tells me Imprints comes first Bella.” I say the last part sitting on Jacob”s lap where he wraps his arms around me. “I’m pretty sure there going to protect the place where their imprints are. So What’s its going to be Bella your history with the Cullens or dad and the residents of Forks?” I ask looking at her.

Tears start coming out of eyes, she breaks down in the middle of the floor. I move to comfort her but Jacob tighten his grip, I look at him. He shakes his head and looks at Paul. I look to see Paul comforting her. “I’ll talk. I tell you everything you need to know,Sam” She says in hiccups. Paul takes her to the living room.

I smirk. I look at Embry and gives him some dap, he returns it. I turn to Jared and gives him dap, he returns it.I look to Sam to give him dap, he shakes his head at me and walks to the living room. My hangs open, Jacob”s laughing in my shoulder. I look at the guys and girls and there laughing too. “I get”s no love, from him” I say laughing. They erupt into silent laughs.