Chapter 8

I’m sitting on my bed, It’s been weeks since Bella told us about The Cullens and Victoria. Basically mate for a mate. I laugh out loud. Paul is funny nearly took the house down. The wolves been assigned Bella watch until they get Victoria.

Bella found out about Mr. Howard, when we went back to school. I told her he and his family got sent to another place. That’s why we had that new teacher. That’s what the Council do after they send people to hell, they make it like they moved somewhere else.

I get off my bed to grab something to eat, that’s what I hate about being a so called special Angel. I still some human qualities, well just the sleeping and eating. I walk down the stairs and to the kitchen to see Embry in my fridge. “Embry, what the hell are doing in my fridge?” I yell. He looks up from the fridge then put his head back in it.

“I came to get you for the meeting, that Sam called.” He says mouth sounding stuffed with food. I look at him. “Why didn’t you call my cellphone, I left my number.” He closes the fridge and move to heat up the food in the microwave. “We did, but you left it at the house” He turns around. “Why didn’t Jacob come?” I ask. “He’s with Quil” He responded

“Quilt?” I ask. Maybe I heard wrong. He laughs. “Quil, he just phased today and seeing how Jake is Future Alpha to the pack, he has to learn how to deal with newly phased wolves.” I raise my eyebrow. “I didn’t know Jacob was an Alpha, I thought Sam was.” I say confused. The microwave beep. Embry gets the food and sit down. “Yeah, Jake has Alpha blood but he turned it down and Seeing how Sam phased first he’s the Alpha.” He says while eating.

“How he’s taking it?Quil?” I ask. “He thinks It’s the best thing ever, he gets to hang out with me and Jake again. We grew up together but once we phased we had to avoid him. But now that he phased too, we’re together again.” He says, smiling.

“Oh. Okay” I say. I move to grab something off Embry”s plate, he growls. I move my hand from the plate quickly. He looks at me, smiling. “Wolf,Lacie. We don’t like sharing food.” I get up and grab the plate. “My food, my plate, my kitchen, my rules.” His mouth hangs open. I smile. He tackles me and the plate hits my chests. We land on the floor. “Aw, Crap. Thanks a lot Embry.” He helps me get up. I brush the food off me.

“I told you, Lacie, we don’t share food.” He say smirking. I narrow my eyes and stalk towards him. “Remember meeting at Sam”s. He yells as he run out the back door. I scream. I hear wolf laughs.

After cleaning myself and the kitchen floor, I’m running through the forest when I’m suddenly tackled to the ground by something. It has its teeth in my arm, I look to see a chocolate looking wolf. “You’re Quil?” I ask. His eyes widen. “I’m Lacie, Jacob”s imprint” I say, smiling. He immediately releases its teeth from my arm. He start whimpering.

I get up off the ground. “Its okay. I’m fine” He looks at me than looks over my head. I turn around to see Jacob growling inching towards him. I hear Sam coming out of the bushes. “Jacob, stop” He orders. Jacob stop but is still growling. Sam moves toward me;gently grabs my arm and looks at it. I look at the bite marks and it starts to bleed. “It’s starting to bleed” Sam says. Jacob growls and Quil whine.

I look at Jacob. “Jacob, stop. He probably thought I was a vampire running through the forest.” Jacob looks at me. “Jake, phase back take her to the house.” Sam says. Jacob moves behind a tree to phase back. He comes out and run to me; he looks at my arm and lifts me up. “Jacob, you don’t have to lift me up. I can walk.” I say. He looks at me.

“Lacie, I’m taking anymore chances that you might get attack.” He say that last part looking at Quil. Quil looks away. I hit his chest with my good arm. “Leave him alone, Jacob. He just phase he thought I was a vampire.” Jacob shakes and I shake. Sam puts his hand on Jacob shoulder. “Your imprint is in your arms, Jake. Calm down, now.” Jacob stop. “She’s bleeding.Go, now” Sam orders.

Jacob start running, I look behind him and see Quil looking at me. I smile and wave to him. He looks away. My smile falls, I put my head on Jacob shoulder. “Don’t bed mad at Quil, Jacob.” I say to him. He just growls. I sigh. The rest of the run is silent.

We arrive at Sam”s to see Embry looking out the door. He looks at me. “Emily already got the supplies ready” He yells. Jacob runs in the house. “Oh my god. Lacie” I hear Emily say as Jacob sit me at the table. “You’re bleeding what happened?” She ask sitting down. I smile. “I ran into a lion” Jacob growl. “Quil attacked her” She gasps. “It was an accident he thought I was a vampire running in the forest” I say in Quil defense. “I knew better than to run in the forest after Embry told me there was a new phase.” Emily starts to clean the blood off my hand.

I look at Jacob. “Don’t let this one thing break your friendship with him Jacob. He’s already regretting it and he’s looks like a nice guy too.” I say to him. “How do you expect me to act, Lacie?” He asks me Growling. “He attacked my imprint, whether you like it or not. I’m a wolf and I don’t take kindly to my imprint being attacked” I look around to see everyone looking at me.

“I’ve been your imprint for only a certain amount of time,Jacob and if me being your Imprint is going to break your friendship with someone you knew longer than me. I rather not be your imprint.” I yell at him. The whole room gasp. He looks at me wide eyed. “He’s your friend, Jacob. You grew up with him, you and Embry know him better than anyone. He probably wouldn”t hurt a fly, but he just phased today and seeing me running like a vampire especially when my heart doesn”t beat. I’m a vampire to him.” I say softly to him.

He shakes his head and walks out. “Jacob” I yell to him. I get to follow him but Emily holds me down. I look at her. “Give him time to cool off. He’s just watched his imprint get attacked and not only that you’re bleeding. He’s hurting right now” She says to me. I sit back down. “He shouldn”t let this break his friendship with Quil.” I say as she goes back to cleaning.

“He see things different, Lacie” Jared says. I turn to him. “ Jake forgot to mention that. When we Imprint, we see things differently, our friendships with others comes second to our imprints. He thinks of Quil as a threat to you and he”ll end his friendship than keep that threat around you.” I shake my head. “I’ll rather not be his imprint than if he’s willing to end years of friendship over me.” I say.

He just shake his head. “He will always put you first. Even over the pack, the tribe, and his own life, Lacie. You’re his soul mate, he”ll rather lost a best friend than you.” He gets up and walks away. I start banging my head on the table. “Lacie, stop” Embry stop me from hitting the table with his hand. “Sam”s talking to him. He”ll be okay” He says. I stay silent.

“How are you bleeding if you’re an Angel?” He asks,confuse. I shrug my one shoulder. “I don’t know. It’s the first time it ever happened I think it because I’m gray” I say pointing to my hair. “and not black. Jacob bit me and through me into a tree when I was black and I didn’t bleed. Seeing how white is human, gray is mixed. You figured it out yourself, Embry.”

“That sounds cool” I hear someone say excitingly. I look to see a russet man grinning, he’s tall but not as Jacob and Embry. I smile. “Hi, I’m Lacie” I hold my hand out to him. He looks behind him. “Go ahead” I hear Jacob say. I look at Emily she’s smiling. He shakes my hand. “Quil” “Quite a grip you got there, Quil. You’re even stronger than the others” They laugh.

“Don’t get him hyped up,Lacie. For him to get his butt kick.” Embry say, laughing. “Whatever, Embry” Quil says. He looks at me. “I want to apo-” I cut him off. “Its okay you’re the” I look up thinking and rubbing my chin. “third person in the pack to attack me.” I say grinning. “I’m starting to think you guys got a tradition going on with me.” Emily finishing wrapping the wound. “Thank you” I say moving my arm around. She smiles.

“It’s not a tradition and we’re not going to make it one.” Sam orders. From behind Emily. “When there”s a new phase, there will be a wolf with you to make sure you’re out of the forest.” He says that last part looking at Embry, who looks away. “or away from the new wolf to keep him from attacking you.” I shake my head. “Sam you don-” “Lacie” he interrupts “you”ve just said it yourself that new wolves will think of you as a vampire and will attack you especially if you’re in a forest.”

I look at Jacob. He looks at me. “Okay, but I want Quil to hang with me and not Embry” Quil smiles. “Why not me?” Embry asks faking hurt. “At least I know he won’t tackle me when it comes to food.” “What?” Jacob growls out. “He said y”all don’t share food because y”all are wolves then he tackled me.” I say faking sadness. Jacob inch towards, Embry who gets up from the table raising his arms up. He looks at me, I stick my tongue out at him. He shakes his head at me.

Embry slowly walks towards the living room. Jacob tackles him and they start wrestling on the floor. “I want in” I say getting ready to jump but Quil holds me back. “Sorry, but girls can’t wrestle.” He says back to me, grinning. I narrow my eyes at him. “What did you? Emily do hear this crap he’s talking” I ask looking at her. She smirk. “I hear the crap coming out his mouth. Lacie why don’t you show him what you can do?” She says back.

I circle him so that his back is facing Embry and Jacob. I tackle him and we fall on Jacob and Embry. “Ahh” They yell. I move towards the table and grabs a chair ready to hit Quil with it. Someone snatch it out of my hand. I look to see Sam. “You don’t live here, to be breaking furniture here.” I laugh. “That’s right, Sorry about that Sam.” I say rubbing the back of my head.

I turn back around to see those three wrestling. “Awww” Me, Emily and Kim say. They stop and look at us. “Don’t they look like little pups?” I ask. “They do, don’t they?” Emily asks. “Jared, Why don’t you join them?” Kim asks him. He shakes his head. “I don’t wrestle with pups and those three are pups” He says proudly,grinning. Jacob, Embry, and Quil growl at him.

Us, girls, bust out laughing, even Sam is laughing. I’m on the ground laughing. “Okay, Okay, Enough guys, we need to get ready for the meeting and Paul and Bella should be on their way.” Sam says. I’m still laughing. “Lacie” I’m still laughing. “LACIE” I stop. “Sorry, Sam. It was funny” I apologize. Jacob lifts me up off the floor, put me on the couch. “Jacob, you don’t have to keep lifting me up.” I say once he sit down next to me.

He smiles. “I know, you feel good in my arms.” I smile. “Really” I say, scooting in his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him. “How about now?” I ask, smirking after we finish kissing. “Not all that good.” He joke. I laugh. “Is that what, imprinting do to you guys? You guys are whipped?” I hear Quil say. Embry make the whipping noise.

The girls laughs and the guys growl. “Don’t worry, Quil. You’re be worser than this.” I say looking at him. “What’s that suppose to mean?” He asks. “You’ll see” I say cryptic. “No need to be cryptic” Embry says. I laugh. I begin to respond, but I see Bella about to jump off a cliff. “BELLA” I yell, standing up from Jacob”s lap. “What?” Jacob asks, worried. I’m about to respond, but two howls in agony erupt.

“What’s that?” I ask, horrified. Jared and Sam runs out the door. “Quil and Embry, stay here.” Jacob orders. He kiss my cheek and runs out. “That’s sounds like two new phases” Embry says. “Bella”s about to jump off the cliff. I have to go now” I say quickly. “Go.” Emily says. “What-” I disappear before Quil can say anything else.

I appear at the on the cliffs. I look around but don’t see Bella. I run towards the end but don’t see her. “Bella” I call out. “Down here” I hear Paul say. I look to see he’s administrating CPR to Bella. I run to them. I kneel next to her. “She’s not breathing” He growls. My eyes widen. “The water needs to come out of her lungs” I tell him. “You think I don’t know that” He yells, angrily at me.

“No need to Yell, Paul” I yell back at him. He growls at me while still doing CPR. I take my right glove off. “Turn her on her side” I tell him. “I have to keep doing CPR.” He says, sadly. I look at him. “Paul, I’m her Angel. I can save her. Please.” I say looking in his eyes. He looks like he’s debating. He turns her on her side. I put my right hand on her back.

I move it slowly up to her neck. “The water”s pouring out” He says, hopeful. I do it one more time. She starts coughing. I smile and start patting her back. Paul lifts her and hugs her. I put my glove on. “What the hell, were you thinking?” Paul yells at her. “I thought that if I killed myself Victoria while find out that I’m dead and you guys can stop risking your lives for me.” She says.

I just shakes my head, sadly. “We’re wolves, Bella. Its our job to kill leeches, that’s what we’re made to do. You’re an imprint and we protect imprints, whether you like it or not. It doesn”t matter that You’re an imprint or not, Bella. She’s a leech who keeps stepping on our land and we have to keep her from killing the people, Bella.” He yells at her. “I can’t believe you would seriously kill yourself. I can’t even look at you.” He say walking away from her and into the forest.

She start crying, I wrap my arms around. “It’s okay, Bella.” “It’s not okay, she won’t leave me alone, I’m trying to protect him and the others. Why can’t he see that?” She says. “They don’t need protecting, Bella. They can protect themselves without our help, and if you kill yourself you’re going to leave alot of people behind,Bella. You’ll leave behind Your parents, your friends and the pack. That will hurt them. Give the pack a chance to do their job, Bella” I say to her.

She wipes her tears away. “You’re right” She say, her teeth chattering. I laugh. “Let”s get you somewhere warm.” I say, leading her to her truck. “LACIE” I turn to see Embry running out of the forest. “I came to take y”all to the hospital” He says to us. Our eyes widen. “Oh my God, who”s at the hospital?” Bella asked before I can. “Harry, he had a Heart attack” I look confuse. “Who”s Harry?” I ask. “I’ll explain on the way, we have to go now” He says rushing us to the truck.

“I can drive, Bella, you’re freezing, Embry you think you can wrap yourself around her?” I ask him, while we’re walking to the truck. “Is that a good idea? Paul”s an aggressive kind of guy.” He says back, looking cautiously at me. I look at him. “I doubt he’s caring about that now.” I say in which Bella flinch. He looks at her. I raise an eyebrow. “Sure, come on let”s get you warmed up.” He say escorting her in the truck.

We’re driving down the road. “Who”s Harry?” I asks Embry, while he’s holding Bella close. “He’s one of the council members of the tribe, along with Jake”s dad and Quil”s grandfather. They know the secret about us. They are our council to your council, they take care of the tribe.” He responds backs. “There best friends, my dad, Harry and Billy, Jake dad.” Bella adds as she’s drying off. “Oh my god. My dad” she says looking at Embry.

“He’s already there, Emily called him and told him” He says to her. “What about the new phases?” I asks Embry as we’re leaving out of La Push. He’s silent. “Embry” Bella calls out. He looks at her. “There the reason he had the heart attack. It was his kids.” “What do you mean?” I asks. “It was Leah and Seth that phased” “Leah? As in a girl?” I ask,puzzled. Bella puts her head down.

“Yeah, that’s what caught him off guard. There has never been a girl phased before, then Seth turned around and phased. He’s only 14, the youngest of us, we didn’t think they could phase that young.” He says sounding sad. “This is all my fault” Bella says. “Because of Victoria coming after me” she continues. Embry looks away. “There”s no need to cry over spilled milk, Bella. It already happened you can’t changed what happened in the past, just try to make things better for the future.” I say while not looking at her. She cries silently.

The rest of the ride was silent, we sit in the truck in the hospital parking lot. “You looked liked you dried up nicely,Bella” I say, smiling. She doesn”t smile or say anything. Embry looks at me. I shake my head. I sigh. “Is okay for me to be in there because of the new phases?” I ask Embry. “Yeah, Sam think because of their being a lot of people it make it seem like you have a beating heart” He says back.

“Wow. Nice of you to sound cold there, Embry” I smirk. He shakes his head. “C”mon lets go.” He opens the door and they get out. I get out the car and hand Bella her keys. I grab her hand, she looks at me. “Bella, this isn’t your fault, get that thought out of your head. You’re starting to look old and crusty just thinking about it.” I say, joking. Embry laughs and she cracks a smile.

“There”s that smile.” I say putting my arm over her shoulder.” Lead the way,Embry” He leads us in the hospital. We walk to the elevator and travel to the 4th floor. The doors open, Bella runs to her dad who”s in the hallway and hugs him. Me and Embry get off the elevator. We walk to Chief Swan. “Chief, how you doing” I ask him. “Doing Fine, Lacie. Embry.” He says back. “That’s good to hear” Embry says.

“How”s Harry, dad?” Bella asks. He shakes his head. “Not too good, they said he”ll be lucky to make it through the night” Bella gasps and Embry looks away. “I was just about to head to the waiting room with them. I’ll y”all to them.” He says, walking with Bella. I look at Embry. “You okay?” I asks. “Yeah. Let”s go.” I walk with them.

We walk to the waiting room, I look around to see the wolves,imprints, a guy in a wheelchair and an old guy. Bella is sitting away from Paul with her dad and Jacob head is down. “Jacob” I call out. He looks up and stand. I walk to him and we hug each other tightly. “Are you okay?” “Yeah” He says breathing in my scent. “Jake,are you finally going to introduce us?” I hear a guy ask. Jacob lets me go. “Lacie, I want you to meet my dad.” He says about the guy in the wheelchair. I stick my hand out. “Hi,Jacob”s dad. I’m Lacie” He laughs and shakes my hand.”Name”s Billy, It’s nice to finally meet my future daughter in law.” He says letting go of my hand.

I look around. “That’s strange, I think you have me confuse with someone else, from what I hear your future daughter in law looks good in shorts and I’m wearing pants” I say, smiling. He laughs and Jacob laughs. “Jake says you were one of a kind” “I get that a lot. Sorry, we had to meet under these circumstances.” “We had to meet sometime, I guess it was sooner than later.”

I begin to respond, when who must be Harry”s wife and Leah and Seth comes back. Jacob sits down and pulls me in his lap and wraps his arms around me protectively. Leah looks at me. So much anger and sadness. I look away from her. She growls. “Leah” Sam calls out. “Sam” She spit his name like its venom. “What little miss Angel can’t look at me?” She says like she’s disgusted.

I start to shake. “Jacob, Calm down now” . Sam orders. The shaking stops. “Leah, Enough” “Don’t try to order me around, Sam.” She spit out. “Leah” Her mother calls out. Leah looks at her. “Now is not the time for this” Leah sits in the chair next to her brother, Seth. I look at him. He looks at me. I smile and wave at him. He put his arm up to wave, but Leah growls.

“Don’t wave at my brother” She says at me. “She’s done nothing to you, why are you talking to her like that?” Embry asks, in my defense. She looks at him. “So the one who has a crush on her is coming to her defense” I look at Embry. His eyes widen. “Leave him alone” I say to her. “You’re defending your lover now? Better watch out, Jake. Or she might cheat on you.” She says to Jacob.

I go to jump at her but Jacob tighten his grip on me. “Leah, I suggest you watch how you talk to my imprint. You’re going through something right now, I’ll let that slide this time but the next time you talk to her like that. I won’t hesitate to take you down” Jacob says threatening with an Alpha order at the end. She bares her neck to him. I see Billy smiling out the corner of my eye.

I look at Embry, he’s looking down. “Lacie” I look at Bella. “Can I talk to you?” She asks me. “Sure” I get up from Jacob”s lap. She gets ups. “Leechlover and her Angel best friend” Leah says. Bella stops. Paul growls. “Excuse me, what did you call me?” Bella asks her. “Leah, I swear to God” Paul growls out. “What ain’t that what you called her before you imprinted on her?” She asks him, like she doesn”t have a care in the world. Bella looks at Paul.

“What did you call my daughter?” Charlie asks coming from getting coffee. Bella eyes widen with fear, she looks at me. “You don’t know Charlie, Bella”s ex-boyfriend is a-” I knock Charlie unconscious and hand him to Quil. “Oh my God, Dad.” Bella runs to him. “Lacie” Sam calls out. “Sorry, Sam” I say to him. I look at Leah serious. “Enough is Enough, Leah” I say to her seriously. She stands up at me. Jacob comes behind me. Seth stands up behind her.

Jacob growls at him. He sits back down. “Jacob, don’t growl at him, he’s protecting his sister” I say, smirking at Jacob. I hear Embry and Quil laughing. ”Enough, we are in a hospital. We are about to lose someone important to the tribe and you guys are acting like this. Everybody sit Down” Sam orders standing up.

All the wolves have a seat, I just stand there looking at Leah while raising an eyebrow. She growls at me. “Grrrr” I say while rubbing my throat back at her. “LACIE” I look at Sam. He points to Jacob. I go and sit on Jacob lap.