“You didn’t open your mouth. He’ll still be here.” She swinging the broom down and I dodge it. “That man was nasty.” I say as she swing down again but I catch it. Next thing I know, we’re playing tug-of-war with the broom. “You didn’t have to say anything.” She yells. “Brittney, you’re crazy.” I yell back kicking her in the stomach causing her to fall on the floor.

I throw the broom on the floor getting on top of her punching repeatedly in the face while she’s screaming trying to block my hits but I’m too fast for her. I hear the door open up another girl walks in taking a look at the scene before running towards me stopping to waiting for my next move. I get off Brittney looking at her bloodied face. “You want some too?” I ask the girl breathing hard standing over top of Brittney as she looks between me and Brittney deciding on her next move to make.

“Move from her.” She yells but I stand over Brittney delivering another punch in her face as her friend run towards me. I push the girl hard on the floor causing her to hit the floor hard. She groan in the pain holding her back. I step over Brittney walking to a sink to wash the blood off my hand while keeping my eyes on the girl as she stands up and run towards Brittney checking her over.

 I turn the faucet off drying my hands on my shirt just in time to see the girl swing the broom down hitting me on my head causing me to groan in pain holding the spot where she hit me feeling it starts to burn in pain. She keep swinging at me as I block the hits not noticing Brittney crawling towards me. She grabs my ankles causing me to fall on the floor near the door landing on my back. I look up at the door without second thought. I get up quick running out the restroom hearing the girl cuss up a storm. I try to catch my breath holding my chest feeling my heart beating very fast.

I steady myself up against the locker hearing a loud clicking noise. POW.POW. My ears ring as I hear people screaming coming from the down the hall followed by voices and footsteps. I turn around looking at the girl’s bathroom door. My heart beating fast and my ears hurting feeling like they could bust at any minute. I place one shaking hand on the door opening it up to see Brittney bloodied face standing over top of the girl’s bloody body.

She turns her attention to me with eyes just as dark as the night as she lift her arms up pointing the gun that’s still smoking aiming it at me as I suck in my breath. As silence fill my ears, all I can I think of is my mother and sister as I look at her finger on the trigger. She pulls the trigger. POW.

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