“Mom, where are we going?” Janelle asks Mom who’s driving the car. I just look out the window as we drive past a shopping center that we’re passing by. “We’re Gresham, Ohio.” Mom say with her black shades on. “Do you think you’ll like it, Mia?” Janelle asks turning around in her seat.

                “I don’t think so. Who likes a new town?” I ask resting my head on my hand. “See, Mom. Mia doesn’t like it and I definitely won’t. None of my friends are here.” “It’ll be okay. You girls will love it. The school is very educational.” Mom brags out. “Mom, any school is educational. You’re just trying to convince us.” Janelle say as we come to a stop.

                “Why we stop?” I ask leaning over to see we stopped. “Stop light.” Mom say as I lean back over. I blink my eyes to see Mom disappeared out of her driver seat. I take my seatbelt off to see scooting up to see Janelle missing from her seat.

I lean back taking a long breath to see to see the passenger seat spilling blood from the back. I hear whimpering and gurgling noise. I lean forward to see myself gurgling out blood whimpering with my eyes rolling in the back of my head.

I look at the gunshot wound in the middle of my chest. She fall overs to reveal two more gunshot wounds in my back. I scream but no sound comes out of my mouth.

I snap out of my nap wiping the slob off my mouth. It’s only been a couple of months since Brittney shot me and only a couple of weeks since the test results on Mr.Wilkin’s blood was revealed. I didn’t get to hear results because he revealed them to the parents in different rooms but from the looks on the parents’ faces. It must’ve been something serious.

I sigh taping up a flyer for the Prom. Ethan invited me to help decorate the whole gym. The theme is Harvest Fall even though we’re nowhere near Fall. It’s the last dance before the seniors graduate. Everybody is hoping prom will get everybody’s mind off what’s been happening in this town.

I hand the taped flyer to Pamela. She’s a sixteen years old sophomore. A Gemini who doesn’t like the color yellow but will wear it if necessary. She loves to talk about herself. All she been doing since she teamed up with me to help hang up flyers is talk about herself. I rip a piece of tape and hand it to her. “So, will you ever be able to walk again?” She asks hanging the flyer on a wall as I just stare at her.

“Pamela.” Her friend, Cassie calls out looking at her. “Sorry.” She apologize turning around. “It’s okay, I hope too.” I say noticing Ethan walking over from the other side of the gym. “Who is that?” Cassie asks me as Pamela giggle. “That’s my friend Ethan. He engaged.” I say looking as he walks up.

“I am engaged. Are you okay?” He ask kneeling down and looking at both girls. “Yeah, she just asked when I’m walking again.” I answer taping another flyers. “It slipped out.” Pamela say nervously looking at Ethan. “Nothing slips out of your mouth. Be careful.” He say glaring at the Pamela.

She nods turning back around. “You didn’t have too. It’s not that big of a deal. I learned to accept.” I say as he takes a flyer hanging it up on the wall. “No, you haven’t or you wouldn’t have paused like you did. You can see it in your face.” He say turning around as Pamela hug onto Cassie.

“Leave her alone. It just caught me off guard and we was having a smooth conversation.” I say reaching for his hand and he squeezes it. “It’s get to me.” He say looking at me. “Its gets us too. It’s our first time meeting her.” Cassie explains looking from me and Ethan.

“We never met Mia.” Pamela adds in as Liam walks up. “Calm down, Ethan.” He say clapping on his shoulders. I shake my head. “I’m calm, Liam.” He say. “You can’t be you wanna attack two teenage girls. We need to hang up the next banner.” He say pointing to the big red orange banner that’s on the floor.

“Alright, you gonna be okay?” Ethan asks me. “Yes, I am. Mr. Officer.” I say scratching my ear. He nods walking off with Liam not before looking at the two girls again as Pamela comes from behind Cassie. “He’s scary.” She say looking at him pushing Liam. “He’s just very protective of me since everything had happened.” I say looking down.

“You sound sad.” She say while Cassie stare at her. “Can you cool it? Sorry, she’s like a gypsy. Always pointing someone’s emotions out.” “So, you have powers?” I ask handing another flyer Pamela. “Not per say powers but I’m a strong heavy believer in all mystical things.” She explains taking it.  “So, you believe in ghosts and all of that?” I ask.

“I do but my mojo been off kind of lately since everything that’s been happening.” She answers as Cassie flips through the flyers. “It’s nerve wrecking. Was you two girls here when the shooting happened?” I ask pointing around the gym seeing Ethan and Liam struggling to put up the banner. “We was sitting over there by one of the exits.” Cassie say pointing and I turn around to see the big window.

“So, when we heard the shooting happening. We both ran out of the exit quick. Where was you?” She asks looking around the gym. “I was over there. Crazy, right?” I ask pointing to a random spot in the gym. “It was chaos. I mean he a loved teacher but who would think you’ll shoot someone over him.” “Brittney just had a crazy crush on him.” Pamela say walking away.

“So, she did not sleep with him?” I ask them. “No, she was dating Thomas.” Cassie answers looking at him hanging around Eric and a few of his teammates from the soccer team. “They was into each other and it was starting out well before she shot people. I heard she’s still in a coma.” “Yeah, what I heard but the rumors?” I ask faking confusion while staring at Thomas who waves at me.

I wave back as the rest of them wave at me. I wave again this time with the girls. “It’s just rumors but Carly. She slept with him.” “So did Brittney.” Pamela say walking back up looking at Cassie who sits down at the table. “Cassie and her was friends till she hung out with the wrong crowd.” She say sitting down.

“So, did you two?” I ask looking at them both and they’re both silent looking at each other. “I mean its okay. It’s already out and everybody knows but you all don’t want to talk about it.” I say playing with my fingers. “It’s not that. It’s more of it’s still a sensitive subject.” Pamela say as Ethan walks up with a bottle of water.

“We’re going to step outside to hang banners across the windows.” He say handing me the bottle. “I’ll be okay.” I say taking the bottle looking at him. “Just call my name or Liam.” He say walking towards the exit. It’s silent till he’s from ear shot before they go back to talking about how Brittney changed since hanging around Carly and her group of friends.Cover 2.jpg